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Decaffeination Processes

Did you know that caffeine has a half life of around 5 hours in the human body? That means it takes over 24 hours to fully leave your system! All decaffeination processes are similar in concept in that they utilize a soaking and rinsing method to remove the caffeine from the green (unroasted) coffee. While […]
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Here’s How to Decaffeinate Coffee

Did you know that caffeine has a half life of around 5 hours in the human body? That means it takes over 24 hours to fully leave your system!

All decaffeination processes are similar in concept in that they utilize a soaking and rinsing method to remove the caffeine from the green (unroasted) coffee. While all of the various methods are required by the USDA to remove 97% of caffeine, each method has unique pro’s and con’s.

Enjoy four decaffeinated coffee options from Dillanos Coffee Roasters

KVW (aka Dimethylamine Hydrochloride aka MC) Method

The KVW facility is located in Germany and requires coffee be shipped there for processing. This method uses a soaking and rinsing process utilizing chemicals that specifically target the caffeine.  After many hours of rinsing and soaking the beans are ready to re-dry and be packed in burlap and shipped to roaster.  One thing that makes this process unique is that after the caffeine is removed from the beans, it is extracted from the liquid solution in a powder form. This pure caffeine is then sold and used in pharmaceuticals, sodas, and energy drinks which keeps the cost of the beans down. 

While there are trace amounts of chemicals left on the green coffee, it is widely accepted that these chemicals are burned off in the roasting process.  Our classic line decaf coffees Mach-Ninni and French Roast are processed using this method.

Swiss Water Process Decaf:

The Swiss Water Method was invented in Switzerland, however the company is based in Vancouver Canada.  With this process the beans are soaked and rinsed repeatedly in coffee flavor charged water.  The theory is that because this water is already charged with coffee flavor, it will only extract the caffeine.  Because it is a certified chemical free process, coffees process using this method can also carry an organic certification.  Water process coffees tend to be more expensive partly because they cannot harvest the caffeine, this means that the only source of revenue is from the decaffeinated beans.

You will find our ‘Swiss Water Decaf’ in our One Harvest line and it is both Fair Trade and Organic.  This coming year we’re excited that our volumes on this coffee have grown to the point where we can source the coffee from our Honduras supplier Pacayal, then we will have this toll decaffeinated specifically for DCR.

Mountain Water Process:

The Mountain Water facility is located in Mexico and also utilizes a water process, although it is not certified as “chemical free”.  Rumors persist that it is largely a water process that may be aided by chemicals…strangely these rumors all seem to trace back to Vancouver Canada…

The Mountain Water Process is relatively new and it produces, by far, the best tasting decaf coffees.  We utilize this method for our Omission Decaf.  The Omission is a coffee originally from Ethiopia and decaffeinated in Mexico, and if you weren’t told it was decaf you may mistake it for a regular coffee… it tastes that good! Customers across America rave about it.

If you would like to know more about the process and methods for decaffeination, follow this link to a  10 minute video that dissects it all very well. 

View Our Decaffeinated Coffees:

Looking to serve a show-stopping decaffeinated coffee in your cafe or drive thru?

Please contact Wholesale Services so we can learn more about your goals and get some of our tasty decaffeinated coffee options over to you for sampling.

Dillanos Cold Brew Wins Again

Pursuit Distilling Co. competed in the New York International Spirit Competition earlier this year and was awarded the Platinum Award and the Consumer Choice Award for their Cold Brew Whiskey, featuring Paradox Blend by Dillanos Coffee Roasters.

The New York International Spirits Competition is held annually, hosted in New York City.  This is the 13th year of the ongoing event.  Pursuit Distilling’s Cold Brew Whiskey also won Silver Award in 2021 in addition to two other victories in 2021: First place in Sip Magazine’s Best of the NW  and Silver in the American Craft Spirits Association competition.

DCR Coffee is pleased to partner with local distillery, Pursuit Distilling Co., based in neighboring Enumclaw, Washington.

Dillanos Acquires Avalanche Distributing

Avalanche Distributing Logo

Dillanos Coffee Roasters, a leader in the coffee industry since 1992, has officially completed the acquisition of Avalanche Distributing in Zillah, WA.

The investment in Avalanche gives Dillanos the ability to move forward with their expansion plans to reach a wider direct delivery area in their home state. Dillanos has been selling freshly roasted coffee to some of the largest independently owned cafes and drive-thrus nationwide through UPS and FedEx. They are excited to continue toward their goal of delivering directly to more customers with their delivery trucks. In addition to being a business-building partner to cafes and drive-thrus, Dillanos has built a large online retail presence, shipping coffee directly to consumers.

“Avalanche is a perfect fit for us and will help us further achieve our mission statement of Help People, Make Friends, Have Fun. They are an excellent culture fit, and it complements our current product offering and business model,” stated David J. Morris, Co-CEO of Dillanos Coffee Roasters.

“This is an exciting growth opportunity for all employees, our customers, and our supply partners,” said Chris Heyer, Co-CEO of Dillanos Coffee Roasters. “We are elated to be taking this step during our 30-year anniversary celebration.”

Dillanos supporting the Zillah community

Wanda Fergus stated “Our family is thrilled that Dillanos Coffee Roasters is the company to acquire Avalanche. As our family prepares for life after work, we couldn’t have left our business in better hands.”
The Fergus Family with Wanda Fergus

The company will initially continue to operate as Avalanche Distributing. After a transition period, Avalanche will become Dillanos Coffee Roasters-Zillah.


About Avalanche Distributing

Avalanche Distributing is a Zillah, WA-based company that has served the greater Yakima Valley since 1998 when Dave Fergus started the company by distributing candy to vending machines. Since then, Avalanche has grown into a well-known and respected coffee supply, roasting, and bakery company in the heart of Zillah. Although Dave is no longer with us, his wife Wanda has carried on with the support of the family and Dave’s two brothers Dick and Don. Avalanche and DCR have been friends in the industry for years.

Dave Fergus

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DL No. 76: Black Diamond

Rich, full body. Floral aroma. Tastes of sangria.

 Dillanos Limited No. 76: Black Diamond is the latest gem provided to us by the Las Lajas Estate in Costa Rica. This unique coffee is comprised of an exclusive combination of varietals, including Milenio, Etiope, and Typica, and is dried very slowly with a natural process. To draw out the inherent juicy and tropical aftertaste, we recommend brewing with a Clever.

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