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Dillanos Brew Box Recipes

Dillanos Brew Box Recipes

Coconut Cold Brew Soda

Make This: 

  • 1.5 oz coconut syrup
  • 2 oz cold brew
  • 6-8 oz club soda
  • 2 oz coconut milk

Combine coconut syrup, cold brew, and club soda in a tall glass with ice.  Slowly pour coconut milk over to create a swirl effect. 

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Chocolate Hazelnut Cold Brew Martini

Make This: 

Using a cocktail shaker, combine vodka, cold brew, heavy cream, chocolate sauce, and hazelnut syrup with ice and shake to combine.  

If you’d like to garnish a martini glass as pictured, dip the rim of the glass in chocolate sauce before adding the cocktail. Then gently press into crushed hazelnuts to complete the garnish.  

Once set, carefully pour the shaken cocktail into the martini glass and serve. 

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Almond Roca Oat Milk Latte

Make This:

Add English toffee, caramel, and almond syrups to a 16 oz glass with the cold brew and 10 oz of oat milk. Stir to combine, then fill the remainder of the glass with ice and serve.

Note: We made our drink using oat milk, however you can swap it out for an alternative you’d prefer to use instead.

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White Chocolate Raspberry Cold Brew Martini

Make This: 

Prepare the cocktail by adding the vodka, cold brew, heavy cream, raspberry syrup, and white chocolate sauce in a cocktail shaker with ice.  Shake vigorously to make sure the white chocolate sauce is thoroughly combined with other ingredients.

Pour into a martini glass and garnish with fresh raspberries on a cocktail pick. 

For extra pizzazz, you can dip the rim of the glass in a bit of white chocolate sauce, then white sugar before streaming in the chilled and shaken cocktail.  

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Cold Brew for Cafes

Do you own or manage a cafe and interested in bringing our convenient Dillanos Brew Box on board this summer? You’ll want to take a look at our cold brew concentrate specifically designed for our wholesale customers.

Not yet a wholesale customer of Dillanos? Contact us here for more information. 

The DCR Coffee Podcast, No. 16: Phil Beattie of Dillanos Coffee Roasters

The DCR Coffee Podcast

Today’s interview is with Phil Beattie, Director of Coffee for Dillanos Coffee Roasters.  He’s a Professional Q Grader, former chair of the Coffee Roasters Guild, private coach to no less than two US Barista Champions in the last five years, and has invested the last 20 years of his career into the award-winning Dillanos coffee program. 

Phil Beattie on a coffee farm

The DCR Coffee Mission Statement is unique for a coffee roaster: Help People. Make Friends. Have Fun!  But it makes sense when you think about it… As Phil explains, this philosophy is the heart and soul of how they’ve cultivated authentic relationships around the globe.  He even credits it as the defining factor in Dillanos’s ability to provide a wide spectrum of coffees to both retail and wholesale customers without interruption during last year’s supply chain road blocks.

Phil with the Chacon Family in Costa Rica

Hosts David J. Morris and Dave Rand discuss challenges the coffee industry as a whole is currently faced with and how Dillanos’s proactive approach to green coffee management has preserved them through the crisis. “Right now, we’re leaning heavy on that relationship capital we’ve built up with our supply chain in order to get what we need” he shares.  Dillanos hasn’t skipped a beat—something Phil’s proud of because of what it means to the cafes, restaurants, and home coffee drinkers Dillanos serves. In a season of immense stress for many, DCR customers had one less thing to worry about.

Phil Beattie and Sam Dollar in South America 2018

Interested in a peek behind the curtain of the coffee world? Tune into Episode 16 of The DCR Coffee Podcast for a must-listen interview.  Phil, David, and Dave cover what it takes to maintain relationships with farmers and producers all over the world, anticipate fluctuations in the market, and select coffees for the Dillanos Limited line from thousands of samples, all while still taking time to raise up the next generation of professional coffee roasters.

. . . 

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Resources & Links

Coffee Roasters Guild

US Barista Championships

Las Lajas by Dillanos Coffee Roasters

The DCR Coffee Podcast, No. 15: Erika Lowery of Coffee Fest

The DCR Coffee Podcast

Coffee Fest Trade Show

Coffee Fest is back for 2021 and we are stoked to chat with Erika Lowery, Portfolio Director for the event, on this week’s episode of The DCR Coffee Podcast

Erika Lowery of Coffee Fest

Attendees are in for a treat with live events returning.  Classes and workshops have a huge emphasis on COVID recovery for businesses, including how to plan for the future and shift business models.  They’re putting a lot of focus on how to incorporate the highly sought after mobile ordering.  Mobile ordering is in demand and Coffee Fest has all the tools you’ll need to implement it into your operations.

Coffee Fest 365

Coffee Fest will also be launching their 365 digital platform this year.  With live events suspended in 2020, Erika saw an opportunity to invest time into developing a fully online resource tool for the Coffee Fest community.  Within the coming weeks, they’ll be rolling out this exciting resource of trusted partners that will benefit everyone in the industry, A to Z!

“People want to be heard and they want solutions” says Erika. “If I don’t have it, I guarantee that within two phone calls I can find someone you can help.”  This spirit of service, community, and access drives Erika’s ongoing commitment to meeting exhibitors’ and attendees’ evolving needs.  And that’s exactly what anyone participating in either the live events or Coffee Fest 365 will get to experience this year.

Enjoy many classes and demonstrations at Coffee Fest Trade Shows

Find more information about how you can participate in Coffee Fest 2021.  They will be hosting live events in four locations around the country and are excited to showcase all new workshops, classes, and products to the coffee community.  Listen to her interview for more information on all that’s to come this year: The DCR Coffee Podcast, No. 15: Erika Lowery.

. . .

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Facebook: @coffeefest

Instagram: @coffeefestshow

DL No. 67: TanzTastic!

DL No. 67 TanzTastic by Dillanos Coffee Roasters

DL No. 67: TanzTastic!

Crisp, light body. Orange blossom aroma. Tastes of black currant.

The team at Shilanga Cooperative of Songwe, Tanzania have been perfecting their washed process technique since 1993.  In total, 193 farmers from 5 local villages contributed to prepare Dillanos Limited No. 67: TanzTastic! We are thrilled to represent their work with our latest limited edition coffee.

Get ready to experience a coffee that is truly fantastic.  The crisp, light body will capture your attention right from the start.  However, this coffee’s real pizzazz comes from the flavor: black currant, orange candy, and berry notes.  In a world of dark-roasted, chocolate-forward coffees the unique flavor of TanzTastic! is refreshing and lively.  This is a coffee that you can enjoy with a bowl of fresh fruit for breakfast.  You’d serve it after a dinner of seared fish and a light summer salad.  And it’s perfect for something unique like Portuguese Mazagran or Chinese Yuan Yang.  Put away your drip brewers—this coffee inspires creativity! We want you to experience the Dillanos mission to Have Fun! with DL No. 67: TanzTastic!

We like to brew this coffee with a Chemex.

The DCR Coffee Podcast, No. 14: Bryon Clarke of Rivers Edge Cafe

The DCR Coffee Podcast

From flipping houses to flipping a struggling café into a thriving local hub, Bryon Clarke of Rivers Edge Café in Sumner, Washington talks about his path to success with the guys on this week’s episode of The DCR Coffee Podcast.

Dillanos Co-CEO David J. Morris and Bryon became friends in elementary school and continue their fun-filled adventures in friendship and business together to this day.  In fact, Bryon was Dillanos’ first salesperson back in the early 90’s.  He is also credited with creating one of our popular blends, Black & Tan—a strong, full bodied blend roasted to a perfect medium-dark.

Rivers Edge Cafe in Sumner, WA
Together with his wife Danielle, Bryon parlayed his role with Dillanos into purchasing a struggling café several years ago.  They did a deep dive into renovating everything: the décor, the menu, the ingredients, the equipment… and the coffee.  Today, a stop into Rivers Edge Café means a relaxed vibe while enjoying a great sandwich made from top-quality ingredients served alongside a cup of Dillons Blend coffee—Dillanos’ best-selling blend since 1992.

Bryon is a local’s local with deep roots in his community.  His café looks out onto the same railroad tracks where his grandfather worked as a switch operator in the 1930’s.  And nearly all of their 12 taps pour beers and ciders from breweries within 5 miles of the café.  Rivers Edge Café is a case-study in how to become a fixture in the community.

Rivers Edge Cafe Patio
Listen to Bryon share his thoughts on what inspired his journey to pursue entrepreneurship and how he and Danielle keep their busy Rivers Edge Café humming on episode 14 of The DCR Coffee Podcast.

. . .

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The DCR Coffee Podcast, No. 13: Anna Gutierrez of Barista 22

The DCR Coffee Podcast

We’re kicking off season two of The DCR Coffee Podcast with a behind the scenes look at Barista 22, the only product line created by baristas for baristas.  Tune into for an energetic conversation with Anna Gutierrez, Director of Brand Development. 

DCR Coffee Podcast Guest Anna Gutierrez of Barista 22

This season Co-Hosts David J. Morris and Dave Rand will continue talking with business owners serving Dillanos coffee in their shops and cafes.  In addition to inspiring stories from entrepreneurs we admire, look for conversations with Dillanos employees and even a few vendors that help us keep our customers at the front of the industry.

And the brand that’ll keep your shop at the top of the drink ingredient game?  Barista 22.  Here’s why it matters that these products are created by baristas: most syrups on the market were originally designed for cocktails. They don’t always taste right when mixed with coffee, milk, or in higher volume beverages, like a 24 oz iced latte.  Barista 22 is the only brand whose products were specifically crafted to complement the strong and variable flavors of coffee and espresso, distribute consistently throughout creamy milk beverages, and yet still taste great with just club soda.  These products won’t curdle in milk either—a notorious concern for baristas during spring and summer when fruit syrup flavors are in demand.

Anna describes what it’s like to don a lab coat and craft a product from scratch—something unique to Barista 22’s product research and development process. She also shares stories from her 20 years in the industry, including one time when her day started with a routine trade show and ended with a jam session in Kid Rock’s living room.  

Barista 22 Syrups, Sauces, and Powders

Ready for a taste test of your own?  Head to! Contact Anna with your questions or to request products to sample. Anna is hoping to meet lots of listeners!

If you’ve been enjoying our podcast, please leave a 5-star review wherever you’re listening! It will help others like you find us and our guests.

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Resources from this episode:

Book: The Aladdin Factor


Instagram: @BaristaTwentyTwo

Facebook: @BaristaTwentyTwo

Email Barista 22: CONTACT FORM

DL No. 66: Papua Wow

DL No. 66 Papua Wow

Rich, heavy body. Honey nut aroma. Tastes of rum raisin.

Dillanos Limited No. 66: Papua Wow hails from perhaps the most well-known coffee estates in the country of Papua New Guinea.  Barioda Estate has prepared for us a unique honey processed coffee that delivers a rich, heavy body with soft acidity. 

The estate itself is perched 1,691 meters above sea level, nestled among acres and acres of matured coffee trees.  Native landowners now run the majority of these plantations and embody the spirit of the Barioda, represented by a large river rock that refuses to be washed away when all others have.  Barioda Estate remains steadfast in their meticulous quality control methods and credits their traditional farming and processing systems as the key to the high-quality coffee for which they are known. 

Papua New Guinea is a relatively new growing region and the majority of the coffee yielded within the country is sourced from notoriously challenging remote locations, making our latest limited edition coffee something akin to a real labor of love.  Dillanos Limited No. 66 Papua Wow invites you to indulge in the dessert-like flavors of crème brûlée, cheese cake, and brown sugar this single origin coffee has to offer. 

We like to brew this coffee with a Chemex or a French Press.

Brew Coffee With a Pour Over

Looking for a single serve method that showcases flavor?  

A pour over is for you.  It takes around 3 minutes to get a cup that’s often more flavorful than regular drip brew. 

Recommended Equipment:
  • Begin by heating water to 195°F to 205°F 
  • While water is heating, measure out 3 tablespoons (20 grams) that is ground to a size that is slightly finer than for drip (Learn more about grind settings.)
  • Place filter in pour over and place on top of carafe that you will be pouring into.
  • Using gooseneck kettle wet the entire filter in order to remove paper taste.
  • Empty your rinse water from the carafe.
  • Add ground coffee to filter.
  • Begin by streaming in about 40 grams of water to wet all of the grounds.  This step releases the gases from the ground coffee and is referred to as the blooming stage.  Don’t skip it! This is the key to achieving a balanced, sweet cup of coffee.
  • Next, stream an additional 80 grams of coffee in a slow spiral motion, moving from the center of your bed of coffee to the outer edge. “Slow” is the critical detail for this brew method.
  • Once water settles and is sitting just above the grounds, stream in an additional 100 grams of water.
  • Once water settles again, finish brew with final 100 grams of water.
  • This process should take 2:30 to 3 minutes in total.
For this brew method, we suggest these Dillanos coffees: 
Kenya  |  Ethiopia  |  Las Lajas
Wet the filter then discard water
Add grounds and saturate
Stream in remaining water to complete the brew.

Buy the products used and recommended in this post: 

The DCR Coffee Podcast, No. 12: The Season 1 Highlight Reel

The DCR Coffee Podcast

Co-Hosts David J Morris and Dave Rand take a look back on their favorite moments from Season 1.  Over the last 11 episodes, guests have shared stories of the vision, values, and hard work that paved the path to successful business ownership with our audience.  In this episode, our hosts discuss what these insights mean to them personally and how Dillanos Coffee Roasters applies similar practices in its daily operations.

Season 1 covered everything from company culture and community engagement to brand evolution and whether or not franchising is right for your business.  Highlights include:

All episodes are archived on The DCR Blog and available on Apple Podcasts & Stitcher. If you’ve enjoyed Season 1 of The DCR Coffee Podcast, take a second to leave a review!  We’re already in production on our second season and can’t wait for you to hear more stories from behind the scenes at Dillanos Coffee Roasters—the roaster for the most successful specialty coffee retailers in America!

DL No. 65: Bocas del Toro

DL No 65 Bocas del Toro by DCR Coffee | Card

DL No. 65: Bocas del Toro

Crisp, full body. Boysenberry aroma. Tastes of cherry cola.

Creativa Coffee District in Panama is gaming the change in Central American coffees with their contemporary art-inspired and visionary processing methods.  Dillanos Limited No. 65 Bocas del Toro is among their recent triumphs.

This limited edition coffee is sourced from wild-grown Catuai, Typica, and Geisha varietals that pepper the landscape of a once abandoned farm.  Owner Alvaro Miranda has fully restored the 5-hectare (about 12 acres) area of “little pastures” in the Chiriquí District. And through their partnership with Creativa, the dedicated staff are free to concentrate on expertly crafting cherries that produce truly unique coffees.

Bocas del Toro is the result of coffee cherries drying in an oxygen-deprived, or anaerobic, environment. This method slows the fermentation process down slightly from others—typically taking 24 to 72 hours to complete.  The lactic acid that forms creates a more vibrant flavor profile.  You’ll taste exactly that in the crisp, full body Bocas del Toro invites you to experience.

Our favorite way to brew this coffee is with a French Press.

Brew Box by DCR Coffee

Brew Box by DCR Coffee


We’d Like to (Re)Introduce You to Dillanos Cold Brew!

Our Dillanos Brew Box is a delicious, shelf stable concentrate of our award-winning Paradox blend, crafted specifically for cold brew coffee.

Paradox Blend is known for its rich, heavy body with a sweet candied aroma and vanilla cola flavor.

Each Brew Box contains 2 gallons of concentrate, yielding you 8 gallons of finished product!  Enjoy 270 long days of unopened storage and 14 days of freshness once tapped.

Serve the overall winner of Best Cold Brew at Cold Brew Fest 2018 in your business!  Your Customer Service Representative has all of the information you need to get your order in today. Contact them directly or use the link below to connect with the customer service department.

We can’t wait to simplify serving cold brew for your baristas this season thanks to the Dillanos Brew Box!

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Paradox Cold Brew WINS Best Cold Brew at Coffee Fest 2018

WINNER! Paradox Wins Best Cold Brew at Cold Brew Fest 2018.

The DCR Coffee Podcast, No. 11: Chris Heyer of Dillanos Coffee Roasters

The DCR Coffee Podcast

Get to know Dillanos Co-CEO Chris Heyer in the season one finale of The DCR Coffee Podcast.  Co-Hosts David J. Morris and Dave Rand enjoy a candid and light-hearted conversation with Chris… it’s a little bit of business and a little bit of stroll down memory lane in this last episode of our first season.

Chris Heyer on The DCR Coffee Podcast

Those close to the company will tell you: there’s no Dillanos without David, and there’s no Dillanos without Chris.  These brothers are the yin and yang of the DCR Coffee brand and business. And together with their late father/step-father, they built it from the ground up.

This duo has been through it all.  Exploding coffee bags, wild goose chases to Las Vegas, and that one time a car drove straight into their very first roastery… And while they’re best known for their wildly different personalities, you’ll still find 90’s rock playing on both their Air Pods and New Balance shoes on their feet.

Chris Heyer on The DCR Coffee Podcast, Feb 2021

Join us for a fun conversation about the odd jobs Chris held before joining David to start building what has become one of the most beloved coffee roasters in America.  Learn what’s still Chris’s favorite thing about running this business, the coffee he’s been drinking every morning for the last ten years, and the shockingly few college classes these successful CEOs have between them in our latest episode!

Tune in on Apple Podcasts


Chris Heyer fishing with daughter Ava


Chris balances the demands of building the systems that keep Dillanos running by adventuring on the water from the Puget Sound to the Salish Sea with his wife and kids.  You can find his favorite coffee, Las Lajas, on, along with the two blends named after his children: Ava Blonde and Skylar’s.

Las Lajas by Dillanos Coffee RoastersAva Blonde by Dillanos Coffee Roasters Skylar's by Dillanos Coffee Roasters