Author: Ciarra Colacino

Peppermint Bliss Recipe

Peppermint Bliss Latte Recipe

Indulge in the festive magic with our Peppermint Bliss Latte!

Crafted with a harmonious blend of B22 Peppermint Syrup, a touch of B22 Almond Syrup, bold espresso, and velvety milk, this latte is a symphony of holiday flavors that will transport you to a winter wonderland with every sip.

Get ready to savor the perfect balance of minty freshness and nutty warmth in this seasonal delight. It’s not just a latte; it’s a sip of holiday joy!

Ingredients for an 12 oz latte:

Don’t have an espresso machine? This recipe is easy to modify by swapping espresso for brewed coffee and steamed milk for a splash of cream.

PS: Both of these syrups are available in sugar-free!

Barista 22 Peppermint Syrup

Get ready to sleigh your holiday beverage game with Barista 22 Peppermint Syrup – the ultimate festive sidekick! This syrup isn’t your average Joe; it’s a flavor wizard, turning your usual coffee, hot chocolate, or even cocktails into holiday masterpieces.

Picture this: a burst of refreshing peppermint magic that takes your taste buds on a joyride. The holidays are all about making memories, and with Barista 22 Peppermint Syrup, every sip becomes a celebration. It’s like adding a sprinkle of holiday cheer to your cup, striking the perfect balance between sweetness and minty freshness.

Whether you’re a home barista extraordinaire or just want to up your festive drink game, this syrup is your golden ticket. So, let the festivities flow, one delicious sip at a time, and let Barista 22 Peppermint Syrup be the star of your holiday sips!

Sip, sip. Hooray!

Insulated Drip Brewer Starter Set

Insulated Drip Brewer Starter Set

An insulated drip brewer offers several compelling reasons for coffee enthusiasts to consider it as their brewing method of choice.

The insulation feature helps maintain a consistent and optimal brewing temperature throughout the entire process… and after brewing is complete.

Unlike traditional drip brewers that may have warming plates that can lead to overcooking and a burnt taste, the insulation in these brewers keeps the coffee at an ideal temperature without compromising its quality.

To get started using an insulated drip brewer, we recommend these items:

An insulated drip brewer offers temperature stability, prolonged heat retention, and convenient programmable features, making it a compelling choice for those who prioritize a consistently excellent cup of coffee and value the convenience of modern brewing technology.

They run a little more than regular coffee makers, but convenience that doesn’t compromise quality is worth the investment.

Chemex Starter Set

Chemex Starter Set

Choosing a Chemex over a regular drip brew coffee maker introduces a distinct and rewarding shift in the coffee brewing experience. The Chemex’s manual pour-over method provides a level of control that surpasses the automated process of a traditional drip brewer.

With a Chemex, you have the ability to precisely regulate the water temperature and pouring rate, allowing you to customize the brewing process according to your coffee preferences.

The thick Chemex filters remove sediments and oils, resulting in an exceptionally clean cup that highlights the nuanced flavors of the coffee beans.

If this sounds like what your mornings have been missing, then here are the items we recommend using to get started using a Chemex:

For those who are curious about flavor control and a hands-on approach to their coffee journey, the Chemex stands out as a compelling choice that elevates the art of brewing.

French Press Starter Set

French Press Starter Set

We love a good French Press.

Many of our coffees love to be brewed by French Press. (You can click here to see them, if you’d like to explore options available!) Even our Co-CEO Chris Heyer brews his morning coffee every day with one.

Most of us brew coffee using a regular drip coffee maker at home. And while it does the trick, when the time comes to take the step into the world of alternative brewing methods, French Press is the method many go to first.

If you’re looking to get started (or know someone who is!), then these are the products we recommend:

Cold Brew Starter Set

Cold Brew Starter Sets

As cold brew gains popularity, more and more coffee lovers are brewing at home. If you or someone you know is curious about how to get started, our Starter Set has you covered.

These are the products we’d recommend:

The two coffees we’re highlighting have been developed specifically for the cold brew process. Paradox Blend wins all kinds of awards in the industry and is often used in various partnerships, including this one with Pursuit Distilling Co.

Elevation Cold Brew is a blend of beans sourced from Central and South Americas and makes a mean cup of cold brew. It has a crisp, full body with hazelnut aroma and milk chocolate flavor notes. Seriously, delish.

Grind Selection:

We have a specific grind option for cold brew. When choosing your DCR coffee, scroll through the grinds available and select Toddy / Cold Brew to ensure the ideal texture for this home system.

Cold brew requires a slightly coarser grind than standard drip brewers, so we’ve created this grind option for those of you brewing cold brew from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Home Espresso Starter Set

Home Espresso Starter Set

When brewing espresso at home, there are a few essentials we recommend having on hand:

For coffee selections, we have two in particular that we’d like you to try:


Lucent is a light roast coffee that’s been a staff favorite for many years. In fact, the 2019 US Barista Champion, Sam Spillman, used Lucent as her featured espresso for the competition.

It has a crisp, full body with a dried fruit aroma and flavor notes of blackberry.

Ava Blonde

Ava Blonde is also a popular choice for staff picks. It’s excellent when brewed as espresso.

A crisp, light body with almond aroma and flavor notes of malt and chocolate are accentuated by the medium-light roast.

Grind Selection:

We have a specific grind option for home espresso. When choosing your DCR coffee, scroll through the grinds available and select Home Espresso (coarse) to ensure the ideal texture for your machine.

Home espresso machines require a slightly coarser grind than commercial machines, so we’ve created this grind option for those of you brewing espresso from the comfort of your own kitchen.