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Process Explained

Coffee by Dillanos Coffee Roasters

Washed, Honey, and Natural Process Explained


You may have seen it referenced on coffee labels, but what does it mean?

Director of Coffee, Phil Beattie, explains what process means and how it impacts the flavor in every cup of coffee you drink.

There are three primary methods for processing coffee cherries and each of them have a significant influence over the flavor outcome. Washed process, honey process, and natural process are the most common ways to prepare a raw coffee cherry for roasting.  Want to learn more? 

Green Planet

Green Planet

Rich, full body. Floral aroma. Tastes of cocoa.

Organic, Fair trade, and Direct Trade. We’ve been to the source and can assure you that these are the most meticulously cultivated coffees, grown by farmers that have worked tirelessly to achieve these high standard certifications. The combination of the Ethiopian and Colombian coffees provide a uniquely rich texture, bursting with floral aromas and a milk chocolate finish. Mother Nature, you done good.

Our favorite way to brew this coffee is with a French Press.



Crisp, light body. Stonefruit aroma. Tastes of orange.

Best method for this Method? Gravity and Full Immersion. This coffee is re-formulated seasonally by our resident coffee geeks for the optimal brew. Follow our lead to best showcase the unique characteristics of this blend.

Our favorite way to brew this coffee is with a Clever dripper.



Crisp, full body. Dried fruit aroma. Tastes of blackberry.

Like a star in the night, this stellar blend was carefully crafted to lead the way for all espresso to follow. Pressure and heat magnify the molasses and black cherry flavors, rounding out with a buttery finish. Best enjoyed as a sparkling shot of espresso or blend seamlessly with milk.

Our favorite way to brew this coffee is as espresso.

DL55: Crazy Honey

DL No. 55: Crazy Honey

Strong, heavy body. Candied apple aroma. Tastes of mandarin orange.

Finca El Manzano is a farm in El Salvador run by long-time friend of Dillanos, Emilio Lopez Diaz. There, he grows a coffee that we look forward to receiving each year: SL-34.  The crop is a specific hybrid plant selected by Emilio, then planted and harvested with a vision to capture the honey sweetness the coffee cherry was destined to display.  With that flavor goal in mind, honey processing is the natural choice to celebrate what has been achieved by this season’s yield of SL-34. 

As we roasted and taste-tested this coffee, we asked ourselves how we could possibly convey Emilio’s success. We decided to go with a name that would say it all, Crazy Honey.  That’s simply the best way to describe what you’re about to sip.  

Our favorite way to brew this coffee is with a Chemex.


Unity by Dillanos Coffee Roasters


Strong, heavy body. Anise aroma. Tastes of dark chocolate.

This blend brings together coffees exclusively from our One Harvest line to offer an Organic, Fair Trade, dark roasted coffee. These certifications are not easily attained, and we are crazy proud to work directly with farmers who have set the bar for quality. You’ll experience intense flavors of roast and cocoa, while simultaneously helping these farmers bring home the bacon. And the coffee.

Our favorite way to brew this coffee is with a regular drip brewer.

Moka Java

Moka Java

Strong, heavy body. Pine aroma. Tastes of peanut butter & jelly.

Coffee History 101: Mocha Java is the mother of all coffee blends. Mocha and Java are in fact the first and second coffee exporting ports in the world, and our Moka Java blend is a combination of coffees that were traditionally shipped from their namesake. Expect a complex roast noting cedar, clove and fruit tones. The more you know.

Our favorite way to brew this coffee is using an Aero Press.

Las Lajas

Las Lajas by Dillanos Coffee Roasters

Las Lajas

Crisp, heavy body. Caramel aroma. Tastes of molasses.

The Las Lajas coffee was sourced from the Chacon Estate in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, our very first One Harvest estate relationship. Because Costa Rica is well known for good coffee, husband and wife team, Oscar and Francisco, needed to define a niche that would set their coffee apart. And they have done just that. Utilizing the honey process, their coffee is uniquely sweet and buttery, like a sugar cookie in coffee form.

Our favorite way to brew this coffee is with a French Press.



Strong, heavy body. Smoky aroma. Tastes of toasted oak.

If you need a nudge getting from point A to point B, Metro has you covered. You’ll think this blend was aged in an oak whiskey barrel with its aggressive taste and aroma, but no need for a DD – you have Metro.

Our favorite way to brew this coffee is with a Drip Brewer.

DL54: Pac Man Nat

DL 54: Pac Man Nat

Strong, full body.  Molasses aroma. Tastes of brown sugar & red apple.

In 2019, El Salvador awarded both first and second place for overall best coffee to the Finca El Manzano farm. Among them is the unique coffee plant variety called Pacamara—the coffee featured in our Dillanos Limited No. 54. It is known for its hearty, super-rich flavors and the very large bean size. Those natural flavors are amplified by using a natural process on the cherries – exactly the right treatment to deliver a brown-sugared red apple flavor that carries a molasses aroma. 

This coffee is sultry and sweet. It’s light-roasted, and has a medium acidity.  Pac Man Nat stands for Pacamara, Finca el Manzano, and Natural, and represents the best of what El Salvador has to offer the global coffee community.

Our favorite way to brew Pac Man Nat is with a Chemex.

Special Dark Blend

Special Dark

Strong, full body. Anise aroma. Tastes of dark chocolate.

Not just any dark, but Special Dark. Like, es-special-ly dark. This coffee was roasted to perfection to release a profound sweetness that balances beautifully with the deep, full bodied finish. For the ultimate experience, try with a French press.

PS: you’re special too.

Our favorite way to brew Special Dark is with a French Press.

La Familia Guzman

La Familia Guzman by Dillanos Coffee Roasters

La Familia Guzman

Rich, full body. Herbal aroma. Tastes of sweet toasted grain.

This small, family-owned and operated farm is located within the Naranjas mountains of Peru. There are no roads–only a river and a raft to get you there. The coffee is transported by mule up and down the hills and organically processed to create an herbal aroma with full body and a sweet finish. From Guzman’s family to the Dillanos Family, and now to yours, this is the epitome of our One Harvest Project.

Our favorite way to brew this coffee is with an Aeropress.