Medium Roast

Green Planet


2022 & 2023 STAFF PICK 🏆

Rich, full body. Floral aroma. Tastes of cocoa.

“Of all the coffees we can choose from at Dillanos, Green Planet is our go-to daily drinker! Brewed with a drip brewer, you’ll taste the light floral aroma and cocoa flavor notes… It hits this middle ground of delicate yet still full-bodied. In fact, I like this coffee so much that I stopped adding creamer to my coffee. So if you’re looking to break away from a creamer habit, I can vouch for Green Planet being the gateway to a new way to experience coffee!” – Hannah, Training & Development Specialist

“Green Planet is my favorite coffee! It feels light on the tongue and is packed with cocoa flavor. Every morning I make this in my drip brewer at home before coming to package the day’s coffee orders.” – JC, Packager

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Not sure about grind? Here’s our video that will help you find your ideal selection. This coffee tastes great made with a French Press.

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Africa, South America




Blend | One Harvest

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Green Planet


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