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Roasting Department


At the end of the day, it all comes down to fulfilling our mission through roasting exceptional coffees.
Here’s how our team approaches it!


“The Dillanos Roasting Department takes great pride in the craft of roasting coffee.  Whether it’s our flagship Dillons blend or one of our DCR Limited coffees, the roasting team is committed to the quality of each batch we roast. 

The team develops and follows specific roasting profiles for each of our coffees in order to highlight the intrinsic flavors found within.  Once the ideal profile has been developed, the team replicates this for a consistent and high-quality coffee for our customers to enjoy cup after cup.

The roasting team’s passion for coffee is fueled by their continuous quest of learning all aspects of the coffee world, from growing and processing techniques to brewing and palate development.”

— Craig Westphal, Roasting Department Supervisor

Packaging Department


Meet the people who put the finishing touches on the craft of roasting award-winning coffee: our Packaging Department.


“DCR’s Packaging Department prides itself on it’s commitment to quality for our customers. We take our freshly roasted coffee and package it for all to enjoy. Whether it be in bulk to use in a café or a single retail bag for one to take home, it’s our goal to provide a smile to anyone who receives our product.

We get to learn our customers as we package their coffee and it’s so amazing watching them succeed and grow. We want them to feel as though we’re a part of their team and family. When our customers succeed, we succeed.

Packaging is filled with quite the cast of talented characters, who not only are amazing Packagers, but more so amazing people who support one another and make it fun to be at work.”

— Alex Miller, Packaging Supervisor

Outbound Department


Learn how the Outbound team stays focused and positive while making sure that everything leaves Dillanos Coffee Roasters accurately and efficiently.


“As the Outbound Team, it is our duty to fulfill customer orders by collecting items from our warehouse and shipping to both wholesale customers out of our delivery service area and the retail customers who are enjoying our coffee and products at home. 

We ship across the country, and often overseas too!  Whether the order is just a single bag of coffee or a truckload of syrups, we make it happen as quick, secure, and accurate as we’re able.  Shipping may not always feel like the most profound task, but the way our team supports each other makes it a truly rewarding experience.”

— Dillon Morris, Outbound Supervisor

Finance Department


This team of professionals puts the “fun” in “Fun-ance” as we like to call it around the DCR Coffee headquarters.


“The Finance Department at Dillanos covers human resources, accounting, purchasing, and IT. We’re a team of 7 and I’m constantly taken by everyone’s willingness to go the extra mile to support each other and our customers.  I’m proud of their persistence, honesty, and integrity—all critical characteristics of a successful finance team.  We stay ready to roll with whatever the day throws at us and we respond as a team.

If you drop by the office for a tour or meeting, you’re likely to notice that our halls are often filled with laughter.  We’re known for it!  In fact, internally here at Dillanos we don’t call our department “Finance” we all jokingly call it “Fun-ance”.  And I am ok with that!  We live our company’s mission daily: Make Friends. Help People. Have Fun!”  

— Henrik Øiseth, Finance Supervisor

Inbound Department


Always moving and an essential part of serving our customers and each other, the Inbound department at Dillanos Coffee Roasters is up to the task.


“DCR’s Inbound Department is the team that receives of all products coming into the Dillanos warehouse. Our job is to keep the inventories moving in and out as fluid as possible and doing regular cycle counts to keep inventory levels accurate.  Dillanos has a huge warehouse that provides nearly everything a cafe or drive-thru needs to serve their customers.  Beyond freshly roasted coffee, we keep customers supplied with drink ingredients, barista tools, paper products, and brewing equipment.

Everyone is Forklift Safety Certified–we work together to unload, separate, count, and place inventory throughout the warehouse. We make sure the lobby has what it needs for our customers who swing through for retail shopping.  We also fill any Will Call or emergency needs that pop up for our wholesale customers.  

Our team’s motto is moving with a purpose.”

— Chris Pugh, Inbound Supervisor

Wholesale Delivery Department

Wholesale Delivery

We are passionate about delivering our award-winning coffees and top quality products to the specialty coffee businesses within our local delivery area.


“DCR Delivery Drivers are the face of the company for our local delivery customers. The drivers build relationships while safely delivering coffee to cafes and drive-thrus from Lynden to Longview, Aberdeen to Yakima and to cities in between.

Our drivers provide an extra mile level of service, giving customers more than they expect. We take pride in ensuring all orders are consistent, accurate and efficient. Our hope is to leave impactful impressions with every customer and to maintain friendships. No matter the weather or detours, we do everything we can to make sure the customer is taken care of each and every day.”

 — Elijah Stocks, Delivery Supervisor

Customer Success Department

Customer Success

Learn more about DCR Coffee’s commitment to the success of our customers.


“The Customer Success Department is a one of the larger departments at Dillanos–and that is by design.  The customer’s success is Dillanos’s success, so we back them up every step of the way!

The department is organized into two primary teams: the Customer Service Representatives and the Business Development Representatives.  They work in tandem to foster close relationships with our wholesale customers–the kind of relationships that go beyond just making sure orders get placed on time.  We look forward to hearing about how their kids are growing up or what they did to celebrate a recent birthday.  We love living out the Dillanos Mission to Help People. Make Friends. Have Fun! 

Ultimately, our team funnels all of its collective energy into developing their brands, training their staff, and celebrating their wins!”

— Emily Knauer, Customer Success Supervisor



Barista 22

Barista 22

Barista 22 is a line of syrups, sauces, and powders created for baristas by baristas. The brand is owned by Dillanos Coffee Roasters and is operated from the same headquarters location in Sumner, WA.  


DL No. 62: Kaleidoscope

DL No. 62: Kaleidoscope

Strong, full body. Green apple candy aroma. Tastes of white grape and rhubarb.

Our quirkiest Dillanos Limited coffee of the year!  It feels right that we’d end 2020 with the craziest coffee we’ve developed to date. Working alongside producer Jose Ferley from the Sierra Nevada region of Colombia, we’re debuting a single origin that doesn’t pull any punches! We’re talking big flavors of white grape and rhubarb with a sweet green apple candy aroma thanks to the unique anaerobic fermentation process used.  Dive into this strong, full bodied coffee and enjoy the effervescent finish of champagne notes. It’s the perfect coffee for ringing in the new year!

Our favorite way to brew this coffee is with a Chemex.

The DCR Coffee Podcast, No. 6: Andrew “Stan” Stanisich

The DCR Coffee Podcast

Two Guns Espresso, <img src=


Be honest.
Be accountable.
Be the best version of yourself.
Be of service.

It may just be a café to some, but to those in Manhattan Beach, California, Two Guns Espresso goes beyond just a cool place to grab a Flat White.  The company’s core values of “Be honest. Be accountable. Be the best version of yourself. Be of service.” defines the spirit of community Two Guns Espresso thoughtfully cultivates. This place is developing future leaders. And entrepreneurs, you should be taking notes.

Brand visionary, Andrew “Stan” Stanisich founded Two Guns in 2011 after transplanting from New Zealand a couple years prior.  As owner, he still captains product innovation and their signature customer experience.  Heard of those crazy cafés that don’t offer Wi-Fi?  Well, Two Guns is one of them—and they’re proud of it! A sticker that reads “Ain’t No Wi-Fi” is proudly displayed in their locations.  “Watching a community build” is owner Stan Stanisich’s favorite thing about running a business.  Moreover, this entrepreneur shares his perspective on owning this 9-location thriving café-only chain: “It doesn’t belong to you anymore… it actually belongs to them.” The customers are the real owners of every Two Guns location… And when you stop by, like the famed Alton Brown often does, you’ll feel like you’ve found your spot too.

Inside a Two Guns Espresso cafe

Two Guns made their mark by introducing a beverage that’s old hat to New Zealanders and Aussies yet only recently popularized amongst Americans: the Flat White. And if you’re thinking, “Wait, what? New Zealanders invented the Flat White?”, you’re not alone. It’s a pretty fun story to look up—and in fairness, there’s still a bit of a debate between Australia and New Zealand as to who can actually lay claim to the espresso and micro-foamed milk beverage.  Regardless of who’s calling dibs, Two Guns brought this to the California coffee scene, and next to the famous “Stanwich” Breakfast Sandwich, it has set them a part in the coffee landscape of the laid back south bay area of Los Angeles.

The Stanwich served at Two Guns Espresso
Two Guns continues to grow and push forward in creative ways despite the unprecedented times all small businesses have experienced this year.  Host David J. Morris said it best: “we’re in a time of forced resourcefulness”.  Your head is nodding too as you read those words, right?

Episode 6 of The DCR Coffee Podcast will lift your spirits, recenter your “why” behind your own vision, and reminds us all to stay focused on the bigger picture.  And maybe dream of starting our days with a walk on the beach one day as well…

. . .

Find Two Guns online and on social!

Facebook: @twogunsespresso
Instagram: @twogunsespresso

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