Medium-Light Roast

Ava Blonde


STAFF PICK 2022 & 2023 🏆

Crisp, light body. Almond aroma. Tastes of malt & chocolate.


“I love Ava Blonde! It’s a medium-light roast that still keeps a malty chocolate taste that I tend to go for in a darker roasted coffee. Dillanos recommends brewing Ava Blonde as espresso, but I’ll share a tip with you: it’s really great as a pour-over too! If you get a chance to swing into the roastery in Sumner, you’ll probably find me at the front desk sipping a cup of Ava Blonde while I take care of our amazing customers.”

– Tan, Customer Experience Coordinator

“I love the light body of this roast. The smooth mouthfeel pairs so well with the sweet taste. It’s perfect in a nice drip pot and definitely worth having as espresso.”

– Tate, Outbound Department



Central & South Americas


Natural, Washed



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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Grind Should I Choose?

We offer seven different grind options with most of our coffees.
  • Whole Bean
  • Drip, Pour Over & Chemex (the most common option for home use)
  • Coarse Drip (for some commercial brewers)
  • French Press
  • Toddy / Cold Brew
  • Espresso
  • Home Espresso (compatible with most home espresso machines, which require a slightly coarser grind than commercial espresso machines)
You can choose the grind that best matches the method you’ll be using to brew your coffee.  However, if you need more information to drill down on exactly which one will suit your needs, please head over to watch this video made by our Director of Coffee.

How do I serve Dillanos coffee and products in my cafe or business?

Head to our Business Services Page for more information.

7 reviews for Ava Blonde

  1. Jennifer Arnold (verified customer)

    I thought I preferred dark roasts until I tried Ava Blonde. I started a subscription, and it’s now my go-to morning coffee!

  2. meladeeriddall12 (verified customer)

    Blonde Espresso has definitely become my favorite & this one is my all time favorite one to drink!

  3. SANDY LEDBETTER (verified customer)

    My favorite light roast!

  4. Kristen Peters (verified customer)

    This is my 3rd time ordering this blend- I’m normally a dark roast drinker but this has such great flavor, it’s become my new favorite morning indulgence!

  5. Lindsey Bianchi-Ames (verified customer)

    I blindly tried the Ava Blonde, medium-light roast because it’s recommended for espresso, which is what I enjoy. I’ve tried a few other similar beans and let me tell you- THIS IS IT. This is the BEST at home coffee I’ve ever created and I’m not looking back. From order date to packaging and delivery, it is extremely fast. The package always comes with some cutie little stickers too, which is fun! I will recommend this company and specific coffee bean a hundred times over again!

  6. CoffeeMaker (verified customer)

    I liked it in pour over, but i tried on cold brew and it’s amazing: I used 60g inside a brewing bag, very coarse grind, then the bag goes inside a 32 oz mason jar, leave it at room temp and after 24 hours remove the bag and put the mason jar inside the fridge.

  7. Kevin Mastalski (verified customer)

    Absolutely Delicious Espresso for my modest home setup: modified DeLonghi Dedica and not-quite-fine-enough grinder. Latte or straight espresso, sssmmmooottthhh…

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