Dillanos Limited No. 70: Java Moment

DL No. 70: Java Moment

Strong, heavy body. Praline aroma. Tastes of cocoa nibs and dark chocolate.

In the shadows of Mount Argopuro sits the Pokmas Walida Cooperative where Indonesian coffee is being redefined.

Despite its long-standing and foundational role in the industry, Indonesian coffees have recently been both difficult to trace and, sadly, declining in quality.  In an age where savvy consumers demand accountability, that has posed challenges to the nation’s ability to compete on the international market.  That is, until Pokmas Walida Coop hit the scene.  Partnered with the team at Belift Green Beans, they are committed to supplying high-quality, traceable coffees globally and reclaiming Indonesia’s station as a leader in coffee production.

And we’ve got one of those exact coffees here at DCR Coffee. Java from Java is back and we’re pleased to announce Dillanos Limited No. 70: Java Moment! This remarkable coffee has a strong, heavy body with a rich cocoa nib flavor and lingering praline aroma. The honey process used preserves the inherent sweetness and emphasizes a heavier body than others common in the region. This is exactly what we wanted to experience from an East Java single origin coffee.

Our favorite way to brew Java Moment is with a French Press.