One Harvest Project

From Sumner to the World

In 2005, Dillanos Coffee Roasters created the One Harvest Project to enhance the transparency and sustainability of our coffee supply chain.

Our staff personally travel the globe to find opportunities to facilitate educational resources at every level of the supply chain that will enhance quality and yield.

We felt that it was important to include the farmer at the negotiation table in order to ensure prices that are not just fair but profitable.

Our growing partners provide stability and sustainability to their communities through the One Harvest Project.

One Harvest parallels Fair Trade and organic certification with an emphasis on cultivating a direct relationship with producers. When possible, we look for Fair Trade/Organic certification, but it is not a prerequisite.

We work with our importing and exporting partners to provide pre-harvest financing where it is necessary as well as conduct special education, health, and environmental projects.

The One Harvest Project brings balance and traceability to the equation.

The One Harvest Project starts first through creating genuine, long-term relationships with our partners at the farm.

We get to know their families, listen to the rich history of the land from which their coffee is grown, and forge a connection to their vision for future yields. It’s people first, coffee second.

The result of The One Harvest Project is a comprehensive line of certified coffees.

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