Medium Roast

La Familia Guzman



Rich, full body. Herbal aroma. Tastes of sweet toasted grain.


“La Familia Guzman is definitely one of my go to favorites! I can always count on this blend to brew a well-rounded delicious cup of coffee. I love that it has a subtle sweetness that complements its bold rich flavor!

This coffee enjoyed anywhere makes me feel right at home.”

– Blake, Outbound Clerk



Peru, South America


Washed, Natural


Single Origin | One Harvest | Fair Trade

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Grind Should I Choose?

We offer seven different grind options with most of our coffees.
  • Whole Bean
  • Drip, Pour Over & Chemex (the most common option for home use)
  • Coarse Drip (for some commercial brewers)
  • French Press
  • Toddy / Cold Brew
  • Espresso
  • Home Espresso (compatible with most home espresso machines, which require a slightly coarser grind than commercial espresso machines)
You can choose the grind that best matches the method you’ll be using to brew your coffee.  However, if you need more information to drill down on exactly which one will suit your needs, please head over to watch this video made by our Director of Coffee.

What’s One Harvest Project?

In 2005, Dillanos Coffee Roasters created the One Harvest Project to enhance the transparency and sustainability of our coffee supply chain. Our staff personally travel the globe to find opportunities to facilitate educational resources at every level of the supply chain that will enhance quality and yield. We felt that it was important to include the farmer at the negotiation table in order to ensure prices that are not just fair but profitable. Read more >>>

How do I serve Dillanos coffee and products in my cafe or business?

Head to our Business Services Page for more information.

La Familia Guzman

5 reviews for La Familia Guzman

  1. barbloveseattle (verified customer)

    Fabulous! I’ve never enjoyed a more satisfying coffee. Smooth and very easy to drink yet complex and tantalizing. Sincere thanks to the Guzman family for providing my new, all-time favorite coffee!

  2. Brian Melton (verified customer)

    Very smooth, satisfying coffee. Speedy shipping. Great service.

  3. Bill Gibson (verified customer)

    Tried this on a whim and it became one of my go to cups of coffee. Give it a try and you will be pleasantly surprised.

  4. hildegardo costa (verified customer)

    Already years enjoying it. Great coffee!

  5. Arthur Alford (verified customer)

    This is definitely one of my favorite DCR coffees. I haven’t tried all of them yet, but I get a bag of this on almost every order now.

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