Home Espresso Starter Set

Home Espresso Starter Set

When brewing espresso at home, there are a few essentials we recommend having on hand:

For coffee selections, we have two in particular that we’d like you to try:


Lucent is a light roast coffee that’s been a staff favorite for many years. In fact, the 2019 US Barista Champion, Sam Spillman, used Lucent as her featured espresso for the competition.

It has a crisp, full body with a dried fruit aroma and flavor notes of blackberry.

Ava Blonde

Ava Blonde is also a popular choice for staff picks. It’s excellent when brewed as espresso.

A crisp, light body with almond aroma and flavor notes of malt and chocolate are accentuated by the medium-light roast.

Grind Selection:

We have a specific grind option for home espresso. When choosing your DCR coffee, scroll through the grinds available and select Home Espresso (coarse) to ensure the ideal texture for your machine.

Home espresso machines require a slightly coarser grind than commercial machines, so we’ve created this grind option for those of you brewing espresso from the comfort of your own kitchen.