Cold Brew Starter Set

Cold Brew Starter Sets

As cold brew gains popularity, more and more coffee lovers are brewing at home. If you or someone you know is curious about how to get started, our Starter Set has you covered.

These are the products we’d recommend:

The two coffees we’re highlighting have been developed specifically for the cold brew process. Paradox Blend wins all kinds of awards in the industry and is often used in various partnerships, including this one with Pursuit Distilling Co.

Elevation Cold Brew is a blend of beans sourced from Central and South Americas and makes a mean cup of cold brew. It has a crisp, full body with hazelnut aroma and milk chocolate flavor notes. Seriously, delish.

Grind Selection:

We have a specific grind option for cold brew. When choosing your DCR coffee, scroll through the grinds available and select Toddy / Cold Brew to ensure the ideal texture for this home system.

Cold brew requires a slightly coarser grind than standard drip brewers, so we’ve created this grind option for those of you brewing cold brew from the comfort of your own kitchen.