12 Days of Coffee

Staff Picks are Here!

Team DCR is bringing you their Staff Picks for our 12 Days of Coffee celebration! From now until December 18th, you can save 22% on any 12 oz size of this year’s Staff Pick coffees with coupon code: 12DAYS2023.

Sunny Schoepfer, Account Manager

Howie’s Blend

“During early morning weekend baseball games, watching my youngest son play, or our family walks in the picturesque PNW, Howie’s Blend becomes the perfect companion for creating memorable moments.

Its rich, full-bodied profile, accompanied by a delightful toasty aroma, invites a sensory journey. The infusion of dark chocolate notes adds a layer of indulgence, making each sip a flavorful and comforting experience.”

Medium-Dark Roast. Rich, full body. Toast aroma. Tastes of dark chocolate.

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Jennifer Rudolph, Sales Supervisor


“Unity is one of our One Harvest coffees. It’s my favorite on a cold Sunday morning with its bold, heavy body and chocolate finish.”

Dark Roast. Strong, heavy body. Anise aroma. Tastes of dark chocolate.

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Katie McCracken, Customer Success Representative

Fazenda Rainha

“What says cozy and comforting like caramel and peanut brittle? This blend is my go-to especially in the holiday season because it’s a light roast and perfectly rich. It’s the best way to start my morning!”

Light Roast. Rich, heavy body. Almond butter aroma. Tastes of caramel and peanut brittle.

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Carissa Hermsmeyer, Chief of Staff

Skylar’s Blend

“I savor Skylar’s Blend daily because it’s more than just coffee—it’s a flavorful journey. The rich taste, reminiscent of a sweet peanut butter and honey sandwich on freshly baked bread, paired with the aroma of freshly roasted nuts, malt, and honey notes, makes each cup a delight.

What makes it truly special is the personal touch in its name. Skylar’s Blend is a tribute to Chris, Co-CEO of Dillanos Coffee Roasters, and his son Skylar. What adds an extra layer of warmth for me is that Skylar was born the same year I started working for the company, 22 years ago. It’s not just a coffee; it’s a connection that has grown with me throughout my journey at Dillanos. A perfect start to my day, every day!”

Medium-Light Roast. Rich, full body. Sweet aroma. Tastes of malt & honey.

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Jordyn Guerrero, Account Manager

Mach-Ninni Decaf

“My favorite days are the ones on the couch, wrapped in a cozy blanket, with a delightful book and a cup of our Medium-Dark Roast Mach-Ninni Decaf.

The rich, light body of this coffee is like a warm hug for your senses! It’s so good I forget that it’s decaf!”

Medium-Dark Roast. Rich, light body. Clove aroma. Nutty taste.

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Nikki Valentin, Customer Success Representative


“Dillons is like a consistent friend- it’s ALWAYS good. Its smooth profile is perfect by itself or doctored up with some cream and sugar. I like to enjoy mine cuddled up on the couch on a rainy day, or at the park with my daughter.

Whether you’re having a relaxing Saturday, or off at your next adventure- I’m sure Dillons will be the perfect addition for you!”

Medium Roast. Rich, full body. Roasted hazelnut aroma. Tastes of chocolate.

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Aspen Ashford, Account Manager

Papua New Guinea

“The best way to start your morning is to dive into the irresistible charm of our PNG! It’s the perfect balance of where sophisticated tastes meets simplicity, with its rich velvety body, dried fruit, and an unexpected twist of raisin.

This coffee was made for the everyday heroes, and it won’t let you down!”

Medium-Light Roast. Rich, heavy body. Dried fruit aroma. Tastes of raisin.

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Brittany Schlotman, Customer Success Representative


“Crisp, full body, tastes of blackberry. To me, Lucent smells like our cozy home in the PNW. This is a heavenly light roast! If you didn’t know, Lucent means: “Giving of light”.

So, if you haven’t tried this Dillanos limited, let us give you some of the light!”

Light Roast. Crisp, full body. Dried fruit aroma. Tastes of blackberry.

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Cody Greene, Account Manager Lead

Honey Central

“Cultivated in the rich soils of Honduras, this coffee offers all a sip of luxury in every cup. With a profile that speaks to the connoisseur’s palate, the coffee boasts a rich, full body with a tantalizing caramel aroma. It beckons with the tastes of honey and semi-sweet chocolate—flavors that resonate with the joy and indulgence of the holiday season.

This single origin, crafted with care and precision, is more than just a coffee—it’s a journey through the senses, a celebration of heritage, and a toast to the bonds that bring us together. Honey Central invites you to partake in this exquisite offering, a testament to the shared moments that define our lives.”

Light Roast. Rich, full body. Caramel aroma. Tastes of honey and semi-sweet chocolate.

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Blake Wilcoxen, Outbound Clerk

La Familia Guzman

“La Familia Guzman is definitely one of my go to favorites! I can always count on this blend to brew a well-rounded delicious cup of coffee. I love that it has a subtle sweetness that complements its bold rich flavor!

This coffee enjoyed anywhere makes me feel right at home.”

Medium Roast. Rich, full body. Herbal aroma. Tastes of sweet toasted grain.

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Alyssa Sienkiewich, Account Manager


“I have been in a steady relationship with Midway for the last seven years. It’s my comfort drink every morning. The walnut aroma and malty flavor, make for the perfect cup of coziness to start each day.”

Medium-Dark Roast. Strong, heavy body. Walnut aroma. Tastes of malt.

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Sam Dollar, Sr. Art Director

Special Dark

“Dillanos Special Dark is my go to coffee for 3am wake ups during late season archery hunts.

There is nothing better than the strong, full body, black licorice aroma and tastes of dark chocolate while sitting in 15 degree weather and 30 feet above the ground in my tree stand.”

Dark Roast. Strong, full body. Anise aroma. Tastes of dark chocolate.

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