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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’d like some help on your DCR Coffee Subscription, please visit our Subscriptions Page.

My order is “On Hold”. What do I do next?

Our team periodically reviews orders that may have gotten stuck on hold.  Your order may be approved or rejected to process based on the criteria provided. If your order is approved, it should process normally with minimal delay.  However, if there’s trouble it will be cancelled.  Please watch your inbox of the email address you provided at check-out for updates. If you don’t see any emails from us or you believe this is in error, please feel welcome to contact our customer service department so we can lend a hand.

How can I view your job openings?

You can find our open positions and online application at

How do I serve Dillanos coffee and products in my cafe or business?

Head to our Business Services Page for more information.

Can I ship my order to someone else?

Absolutely.  And we think it’s pretty cool you’re doing that.

The way to do this is at checkout. Be sure to enter your information under the Billing Address. This is so the payment method you enter is able to be verified against the name and address on file with your bank or credit card company. Looking below that section, there are two additional blocks. The first is an opportunity to learn about our new coffees and the sales we run periodically by opting in to join our email list.  We’d love it if you did that! The bottom section is the Shipping Address field.  This is where you’ll enter the name and address of the person receiving the subscription items.  Entering their email and/or phone number may offer some assistance to our shipping partners, should the order require some help making its way to them.  That’s optional though — name and address is the key to sending your gift to someone else. Please note that we are not able to provide any kind of custom packaging such as gift wrapping or personalized notes enclosed in the box.

What’s One Harvest Project?

In 2005, Dillanos Coffee Roasters created the One Harvest Project to enhance the transparency and sustainability of our coffee supply chain. Our staff personally travel the globe to find opportunities to facilitate educational resources at every level of the supply chain that will enhance quality and yield. We felt that it was important to include the farmer at the negotiation table in order to ensure prices that are not just fair but profitable. Read more >>>