Medium Roast

Kona Blend


Rich, full body. Toasted hazelnut aroma. Tastes of sweet milk chocolate.

Pour a cup of Kona Blend and we bet you’ll feel like you’re sipping a milk-chocolatey candy bar too. This coffee is a balanced blend of coffees sourced from Kona, Hawaii.

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Not sure about grind? Here’s our video that will help you find your ideal selection. This coffee tastes great brewed with a Pour Over.

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Natural, Washed



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Pour Over

5 reviews for Kona Blend

  1. SANDY LEDBETTER (verified customer)

    My favorite for regular coffee pot coffee:)

  2. Gregory McHenry (verified customer)

    Our favorite so far, and we’ve tried quite a few. A great coffee to wake up to in the morning and enjoy through the day. Very smooth.

  3. brinehold11 (verified customer)

    This is one of our favorites. We have tried a lot of the other (which are good) but this is our daily go to. You cannot go wrong with Kona.

  4. Alyssa Heater (verified customer)

    I am very picky with my coffee and make my own white chocolate mocha at home with an espresso machine. This one is amazing, I have tried a few different ones and though all good this is by far my favorite!

  5. CoffeeMaker (verified customer)

    Wow, I used a V60 with Hario white tabbed filters, Kasuya method at around 187f and a medium/medium-coarse grind. The description is on point; it took me a few tries playing with the temps/grind to make it perfect. 100 Recommended.

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