DL No. 66: Papua Wow

DL No. 66 Papua Wow

Rich, heavy body. Honey nut aroma. Tastes of rum raisin.

Dillanos Limited No. 66: Papua Wow hails from perhaps the most well-known coffee estates in the country of Papua New Guinea.  Barioda Estate has prepared for us a unique honey processed coffee that delivers a rich, heavy body with soft acidity. 

The estate itself is perched 1,691 meters above sea level, nestled among acres and acres of matured coffee trees.  Native landowners now run the majority of these plantations and embody the spirit of the Barioda, represented by a large river rock that refuses to be washed away when all others have.  Barioda Estate remains steadfast in their meticulous quality control methods and credits their traditional farming and processing systems as the key to the high-quality coffee for which they are known. 

Papua New Guinea is a relatively new growing region and the majority of the coffee yielded within the country is sourced from notoriously challenging remote locations, making our latest limited edition coffee something akin to a real labor of love.  Dillanos Limited No. 66 Papua Wow invites you to indulge in the dessert-like flavors of crème brûlée, cheese cake, and brown sugar this single origin coffee has to offer. 

We like to brew this coffee with a Chemex or a French Press.