Brew Box by DCR Coffee

Brew Box by DCR Coffee


We’d Like to (Re)Introduce You to Dillanos Cold Brew!

Our Dillanos Brew Box is a delicious, shelf stable concentrate of our award-winning Paradox blend, crafted specifically for cold brew coffee.

Paradox Blend is known for its rich, heavy body with a sweet candied aroma and vanilla cola flavor.

Each Brew Box contains 2 gallons of concentrate, yielding you 8 gallons of finished product!  Enjoy 270 long days of unopened storage and 14 days of freshness once tapped.

Serve the overall winner of Best Cold Brew at Cold Brew Fest 2018 in your business!  Your Customer Service Representative has all of the information you need to get your order in today. Contact them directly or use the link below to connect with the customer service department.

We can’t wait to simplify serving cold brew for your baristas this season thanks to the Dillanos Brew Box!

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Paradox Cold Brew WINS Best Cold Brew at Coffee Fest 2018

WINNER! Paradox Wins Best Cold Brew at Cold Brew Fest 2018.