The DCR Coffee Podcast, No. 9: Robin Jean Lyon of Copper Mountain Coffee

Copper Mountain Coffee, Montana | Cups with MT scenery

Co-Hosts David J. Morris and Dave Rand talk to Robin Jean Lyon of Western Montana’s favorite coffee chain, Copper Mountain Coffee.

Copper Mountain Coffee is a female-owned-and-operated business thriving in the Northwest corner of Montana. One part Business Management Degree, two parts grit and intuition, Robin leveraged her business savvy to transform an uninspired juice and coffee shop into a stylish 12-location chain of drive-thrus and cafés across the region.

Since 2006, Robin has been reading the landscape of customer demand and responding with her famous agility.  “Focus on the people; don’t worry about making money” is what Robin has to say to everyone out there pursuing dreams of business ownership. After all, even if this entrepreneur had the choice, she’d still choose hard work over luck… “it’s more satisfying that way, we won’t appreciate what comes from luck nearly as much as through hard work.”

Copper Mountain Coffee Barista

Over the last two decades, Robin has fearlessly led this growing business not from the front, per se, but shoulder-to-shoulder alongside her 90+ employees.  They have a unique approach to company organization and effectiveness.  Copper Mountain Coffee employees organize themselves into various teams, depending on the task at hand.  Each team member knows what “hat” they’re wearing and together they get the job done!  With communication at the forefront of the company’s values, the employees use a popular walkie-talkie app called Voxer.  This enables teams to communicate via video messaging—a creative solution to address a common challenge all companies face: detecting tone in email.  Using video messages improves communication quality and protects their great culture.

Robin with staff at location
If you find yourself taking in the scenery of the Flathead Valley anytime soon, be sure to swing through one of twelve locations from Libby to Whitefish down thru Kalispell to Missoula.  Robin recommends trying one of their customer-favorite signature drinks like the Copper Mountain Mocha and the Copper Top Latte.

Tune in now to listen to Robin Jean Lyon on The DCR Coffee Podcast!

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