Sales Department


Meet the team that lives and breathes a solution mindset everyday for Dillanos and their future customers each day.


“Dillanos is known for more than just providing great coffee. We partner with our customers, sharing a goal for growth and offering the services to back it up!  Seriously, we cover everything: choosing a location, helping negotiate leases, advising on layout, training staff, designing a menu…we offer unique support services, customized to the individuality of each business. 

At the end of the day, we are a relationship-driven company.  We go the extra mile right from the start so they know what to expect from our dedicated staff once they become a part of the Dillanos family. Customers often say how easy the process is and how we seem to have someone on staff to help with any need their business presents.”

— Jennifer Rudolph, National Sales Manager & Department Supervisor