Inbound Department


Always moving and an essential part of serving our customers and each other, the Inbound department at Dillanos Coffee Roasters is up to the task.


“DCR’s Inbound Department is the team that receives of all products coming into the Dillanos warehouse. Our job is to keep the inventories moving in and out as fluid as possible and doing regular cycle counts to keep inventory levels accurate.  Dillanos has a huge warehouse that provides nearly everything a cafe or drive-thru needs to serve their customers.  Beyond freshly roasted coffee, we keep customers supplied with drink ingredients, barista tools, paper products, and brewing equipment.

Everyone is Forklift Safety Certified–we work together to unload, separate, count, and place inventory throughout the warehouse. We make sure the lobby has what it needs for our customers who swing through for retail shopping.  We also fill any Will Call or emergency needs that pop up for our wholesale customers.  

Our team’s motto is moving with a purpose.”

— Chris Pugh, Inbound Supervisor