Finance Department


This team of professionals puts the “fun” in “Fun-ance” as we like to call it around the DCR Coffee headquarters.


“The Finance Department at Dillanos covers human resources, accounting, purchasing, and IT. We’re a team of 7 and I’m constantly taken by everyone’s willingness to go the extra mile to support each other and our customers.  I’m proud of their persistence, honesty, and integrity—all critical characteristics of a successful finance team.  We stay ready to roll with whatever the day throws at us and we respond as a team.

If you drop by the office for a tour or meeting, you’re likely to notice that our halls are often filled with laughter.  We’re known for it!  In fact, internally here at Dillanos we don’t call our department “Finance” we all jokingly call it “Fun-ance”.  And I am ok with that!  We live our company’s mission daily: Make Friends. Help People. Have Fun!”  

— Henrik Øiseth, Finance Supervisor