Customer Success Department

Customer Success

Learn more about DCR Coffee’s commitment to the success of our customers.


“The Customer Success Department is a one of the larger departments at Dillanos–and that is by design.  The customer’s success is Dillanos’s success, so we back them up every step of the way!

The department is organized into two primary teams: the Customer Service Representatives and the Business Development Representatives.  They work in tandem to foster close relationships with our wholesale customers–the kind of relationships that go beyond just making sure orders get placed on time.  We look forward to hearing about how their kids are growing up or what they did to celebrate a recent birthday.  We love living out the Dillanos Mission to Help People. Make Friends. Have Fun! 

Ultimately, our team funnels all of its collective energy into developing their brands, training their staff, and celebrating their wins!”

— Emily Knauer, Customer Success Supervisor