12 Days of Coffee

Celebrate the holidays with us — and a cup of great coffee, of course!

DCR Coffee staff are celebrating this holiday season with 12 days of our favorite coffees!

We asked employees to choose the one coffee they wanted our customers to know about this season.  

Here’s what they picked for you!  See your favorite on the list too?

Alyssa Sienkiewich

Business Development Representative

Midway makes every morning easy like Sunday morning. I always have a bag on hand and it’s always my first recommendation to friends and family. It’s the perfect hug in a mug to bring home this holiday season!”

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Amy Burke

Culture & Community Ambassador + Design Coordinator

“Between my husband and the four adult kids currently living in our house we go through A LOT of coffee so every month I bring home a 5lb bag of Howie’s Blend. I’ve always gravitated towards the chocolatey flavor profiles and this one delivers, plus it’s a crowd pleaser; everyone loves it.  Personally, I like to add a little oat milk and some B22 Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup with my morning cup.”

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National Channel Sales Representative

“I love DCR’s Rogue blend because it’s feisty and fun with a lingering sweetness to start the day off right!”

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Customer Service Representative

“Have you ever pictured smashing a blueberry muffin into your cup? Because that is what Fero Sidama tastes like in the morning with a tiny bit of almond creamer!”

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Customer Service Representative

“I love the fruity notes in the beginning and the burst of cocoa at the end. It’s the perfect blend to make you feel like you are on vacation all the time.”

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Business Development Representative

Las Lajas is one of my absolute favorite coffees we have here at Dillanos. I love it because its full of flavor and reminds me of a molasses cookie! What’s not to love?!”

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Business Development Representative

“My pick, Dillons Blend! The OG of all DCR coffees! This is my go-to coffee. Its balanced, clean and consistent. I love the chocolate and caramel notes and hint of roasted nut. I personally like to drink it black in the mornings or brew up a batch of cold brew and add a little B22 white chocolate powder.

This time of year it’s great with a splash of eggnog! That’s what’s so great about this coffee. It’s SO versatile and goes with everything. Dress it up, drink it plain, it’s for sure a crowd pleaser!”

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Customer Service Representative

Ava Blonde is a perfect start to the morning whether it is the week day or weekend. With or without milk, this is a medium-light blend that shouts GOOD MORNING! and has an excellent finish.”

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Finca El Manzano is my favorite coffee, because every time I take a sip, I’m instantly transported back to the farm in El Salvador.

The flavors of crisp apple, with notes of chocolate and almond bring me right back to sipping my cup while watching the mist lift above the coffee trees at sunrise. It’s an easy drinking coffee that pleases all types of coffee drinkers!”

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Roasting Supervisor

“Our Fazenda Sertao is one of my favorite single origin coffees at Dillanos!  This pulped natural process coffee from Brazil is great.  It’s a medium roast that has flavors of creamy peanut butter, cashews and a honey sweetness. 

This heavy-bodied coffee will be enjoyed by anyone on your Christmas list, including you!”

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National Sales and Marketing Manager

Lucent is my go-to for the best espresso in the country.  It is light and brightly sweet but with a great body that works great as straight shots (what I drink every morning) or cutting through your milk of choice for a latte.  

And, hey, if you don’t agree, I’ll buy the bag from you anytime 😉”

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Henrik Oiseth & Janet Oiseth

Controller & Executive Assistant + Sales Coordinator

Special Dark is our go-to coffee every single day at home. It gets us up and going in the morning and keeps us focused throughout our typical day of homeschooling our girls and taking care of business for Dillanos from our home office. 

We love the deep roast and dark chocolate flavors. It’s an intense coffee that matches the intense days we seem to have lately! We hope you give it a try!”

Special Dark

2020 DCR Coffee Holiday Gift Box

If you’re in the market for the coffee lover in your life, be sure to take a look at our newly designed gift boxes!  Each box contains 12 oz bag of our seasonal It’s a Wonderful Blend holiday coffee, a 10 oz red mug, and a cozy pair of socks!