DL No. 60: Perla Negra

DL No. 60: Perla Negra

Strong, full body. Dried fruit aroma. Tastes of cranberry and cherry.

Dillanos has a long history with this lovely, seasonal coffee that dates all the way back to 2006.  Our Director of Coffee, Phil Beattie, first met Las Lajas farmers Oscar and Francisca at a conference in Guatemala. Just a year later we had the opportunity to host them here at the Dillanos headquarters, inspiring them to take a leap into new territory with their processing methods.

For the first time, they cupped a coffee that used a natural process and fell in love with the fruit forward, red wine flavors. Natural process is quite unusual for Costa Rican coffees, so they couldn’t resist the opportunity to perfect the delicate process. They have since mastered it and now hand-turn their coffee cherries multiple times a day, creating a coffee as rare and intriguing as the beautiful black pearl.

Oscar and Francisca continue to grow and process two of our most popular coffees, including Perla Negra which is only available once a year every fall.

Our favorite way to brew this coffee is with a Chemex.