DL55: Crazy Honey

DL No. 55: Crazy Honey

Strong, heavy body. Candied apple aroma. Tastes of mandarin orange.

Finca El Manzano is a farm in El Salvador run by long-time friend of Dillanos, Emilio Lopez Diaz. There, he grows a coffee that we look forward to receiving each year: SL-34.  The crop is a specific hybrid plant selected by Emilio, then planted and harvested with a vision to capture the honey sweetness the coffee cherry was destined to display.  With that flavor goal in mind, honey processing is the natural choice to celebrate what has been achieved by this season’s yield of SL-34. 

As we roasted and taste-tested this coffee, we asked ourselves how we could possibly convey Emilio’s success. We decided to go with a name that would say it all, Crazy Honey.  That’s simply the best way to describe what you’re about to sip.  

Our favorite way to brew this coffee is with a Chemex.