The Plateau Beanie


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The Plateau... IYKYK.

Dillanos Coffee Roasters has called the Sumner / Buckley area of Washington State home since the very beginning in 1992.  Although we now have facilities in Sumner, Zillah, and Spokane, DCR originated in Buckley—an area often referred to as “The Plateau”.   And for those of us who call the area home, it’s not just a location; it’s a vibe, a community, and a lifestyle.

  • 100% Acrylic fabric
  • Heavyweight
  • Chunky rib knit

It’s been a while since we’ve offered a beanie–and we are stoked about this one.  Not only does it match The Plateau Hoodies and Crewneck, but it also looks great with the new World’s Smoothest Coffee Zip-Up we just released (you should check that one out too).