Serve our community and each other.

Core Value #11 at Dillanos Coffee Roasters means we believe that we are not obligated, but moved to donate time and resources to lift up each other and the people in our surrounding communities. We do so with an attitude of gratitude that we are fortunate enough to help.

We proudly donate our award-winning coffee to organizations within the greater Sumner area, giving priority to those whose mission aligns with ours. We give preference to our charitable priorities: military, cancer, and children’s services.

Thank you for joining us in serving the community!

As a fellow attendee, we’d like to extend an exclusive community advocate offer:


Enter promo code COMMUNITY30 at checkout and receive 30% off your next coffee purchase.

Interested in serving Dillanos coffee at your event?

You can find more information about how to request coffee donation or service at your next event by completing the following application: