Are you interested in becoming a Dillanos brand customer or creating your own private label?

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I want to develop my own brand

Craft the perfect menu for your customers with guidance in selecting coffees and integrating something for everyone. Leverage the nationally-recognized Dillanos brand to build your business.

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I want to create my own brand

Create your own signature look and curate the perfect coffee selections for your business. Let Dillanos help you build your own brand.

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A Nationally Recognized Brand That Fits You Perfectly

Using the Dillanos Brand tells your customers you take quality and service seriously. A Dillanos sign in the window says "You'll have a great experience," and a Dillanos cup in your hand says "This is going to taste great." A nationally-recognized brand lends the credibility and confidence that turns a passerby into a customer.



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Our coffee is nationally recognized and acclaimed for its quality and consistency. The art of roasting is developing flavor; the science is repeating it.

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We pride ourselves on our service, and on truly being part of your team. We'll never let you run out of coffee and we'll work tirelessly to keep you ahead of your competition.

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All the usual mugs, commuters, shot glasses, tasting cups, fresh sheets, and signage. Everything you need to build confidence with just a glance.

"I have been absolutely thrilled with the support that I receive, not only on the coffee side of the business, but in our outside philanthropic ventures. We've gotten involved in campaigns Dillanos designs that actually help people-projects like Give Help and Hope. We are happy to work with a company genuinely committed to and involved in the community and that really lives out their mission to help people make friends and have fun. Our team at Dillanos is always accessible to us; they get my feedback and act on it. Dillanos branded items like cups and signage build confidence for new customers and work perfectly with our own branding touches."


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Owner, Coffee Vault
Enumclaw, Washington

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Developing My Brand

Do you have multiple locations and strong ties to your community? Extending or creating your own brand may be just what is needed to push your profits and make an even greater impact.

Our team of graphic designers and brand developers can help you realize your own inspired brand, backed by fantastic coffee. Let's talk.


Our Coffee

Each of our three lines of coffee serves a purpose within your business. Our Classic line gives you high quality blends and single origin coffees that have a consistent profile year after year. The One Harvest Project features coffee that is purchased directly from a coffee cooperative or estate that shares our vision of producing exceptional coffee using responsible growing practices. If a rare, exotic coffee is what you're looking for, our DCR line provides a new and unique experience of limited edition coffees. These coffees, along with our unwavering commitment to the success of your business will propel you to the next level.



These coffees are the foundation. Dillanos was built on-timeless, consistent, delicious, and approachable-something for everyone. This line encompasses full spectrum:blends, single origins, and decaf, in a wide variety of roasts from light to dark.

one harvest

One Harvest Project

Sustainable and farm direct, our One Harvest Project is based on the lasting relationships we have with our inspiring producers. These coffees carry various certifications, such as Fair Trade and Organic, but it is the direct connection we have with the producers that really tells the stories.

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DCR Coffee

Exclusive and refined, these coffees are each specially crafted to the highest standards. Included in this line are carefully engineered blends, single origins offered in harmony with the harvest season, and limited release micro lots.

We Believe in the Power of Relationships.

  • Branding

    Guidance & Support

    Our experienced team can assist you in creating a comprehensive plan to give your customers a memorable visit every visit, and a marketing plan to reach your community.

  • Advising

    Business Development

    We know what it takes to operate a successful coffee house. From cost of goods and labor, to point of sale and bar layout, we are here to help you thrive.

  • Training


    Providing Education

    From basic drink preparation and customer service trainings to in depth seed-to-cup and drink recipe development education, we have you covered.

Make the Industry Experts Part of Your Team.

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Coffee Training & Education

Our staff of SCAA certified trainers offers barista basics, latte art, and alternative brew, customer service, and leadership classes. Our training programs are consistently updated to reflect our rapidly changing industry and can be tailored to best suit your staff’s needs.

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