Medium Roast

It’s a Wonderful Blend


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Strong, heavy body. Caramel aroma. Tastes of clove and brown sugar.


Roasted to perfection at a medium level, It’s a Wonderful Blend offers a well-rounded profile that pairs seamlessly with the joyous atmosphere of the holidays. The enticing aroma of caramel sets the stage for a flavor symphony featuring notes of clove and brown sugar, followed by a delightful aftertaste reminiscent of roasted chestnuts.

With a heavy body, soft acidity, and a strong yet harmonious intensity, this coffee is the ideal companion for those post-holiday meals and festive gatherings. For the ultimate experience, we recommend brewing in a French Press, allowing you to savor every nuanced note and indulge in the warmth of the season.

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Java, Ethiopia




Blend, Dillanos Limited

Recommended For

French Press