Brew Coffee With a French Press

How to brew coffee using a French Press

  • Measure 8 tbsp of freshly ground coffee, add to the French Press.
  • Heat water to 195-205°F (or bring water to boil, and allow it to cool for about a 1:30 minutes).
  • Add water to French Press and stir coffee and water together with a wooden spoon or bamboo stir stick, making sure to break a part any clumps.
  • Let brew for 4 minutes by gently placing the plunger on top of the coffee and letting the coffee and water rest.
  • After 4 minutes, firmly and slowly push the press down until the filter platform makes contact with the coffee grounds.
  • Serve.

TIP! Once the coffee has brewed and been pressed, transfer the coffee into a separate carafe or container to avoid over extraction or “over brewing” the coffee. If you don’t transfer it out of the French Press, too much coffee will dissolve and cause the rest of it to taste bitter.

For French Presses, we suggest these Dillanos coffees:

Double Dark  |  Black & Tan | Ava Blonde

Add grounds by weight
Stream in heated water with gooseneck kettle
Cover and steep