Roasting Department


At the end of the day, it all comes down to fulfilling our mission through roasting exceptional coffees.
Here’s how our team approaches it!


“The Dillanos Roasting Department takes great pride in the craft of roasting coffee.  Whether it’s our flagship Dillons blend or one of our DCR Limited coffees, the roasting team is committed to the quality of each batch we roast. 

The team develops and follows specific roasting profiles for each of our coffees in order to highlight the intrinsic flavors found within.  Once the ideal profile has been developed, the team replicates this for a consistent and high-quality coffee for our customers to enjoy cup after cup.

The roasting team’s passion for coffee is fueled by their continuous quest of learning all aspects of the coffee world, from growing and processing techniques to brewing and palate development.”

— Craig Westphal, Roasting Department Supervisor