DL54: Pac Man Nat

DL 54: Pac Man Nat

Strong, full body.  Molasses aroma. Tastes of brown sugar & red apple.

In 2019, El Salvador awarded both first and second place for overall best coffee to the Finca El Manzano farm. Among them is the unique coffee plant variety called Pacamara—the coffee featured in our Dillanos Limited No. 54. It is known for its hearty, super-rich flavors and the very large bean size. Those natural flavors are amplified by using a natural process on the cherries – exactly the right treatment to deliver a brown-sugared red apple flavor that carries a molasses aroma. 

This coffee is sultry and sweet. It’s light-roasted, and has a medium acidity.  Pac Man Nat stands for Pacamara, Finca el Manzano, and Natural, and represents the best of what El Salvador has to offer the global coffee community.

Our favorite way to brew Pac Man Nat is with a Chemex.