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Training and Support

Our collection of easy-to-use business-building tools helps retailers master the day-to-day details of their operations.

Business audit checklist
Evaluates the performance of all key profit centers

Profit-building tools
Detailed P&L examples, cost-of-goods-sold guidelines, and proprietary drink margin calculators

Business startup kit
Guides retailers through red tape of opening a new business

Secret shopper program
Grades the success of baristas, from drink preparation to customer service

Business plan template
Helps retailers craft an entire specialty coffee business plan

The most powerful tool in a retailer's toolbox is a sterling reputation.

As one of the top specialty coffee roasters in North America - and the 2011 Roaster of the Year - the Dillanos name alone helps retailers establish a powerful, quality-oriented brand image.

Marketing/brand evaluation
Analyzes a brand and positions it for market success

Dillanos promotional/branded materials
Roaster of the Year signage and Dillanos POS materials

Monthly product promotions
Promotional drink ideas complete with supporting POS posters and product discounts

Menu and pricing assistance
Custom menu support and templates designed to sell high-margin items at appropriate price levels

Specialty coffee trends
Keeps retailers on the cutting edge of latest trends in specialty coffee

Our comprehensive coffee education program gives retailers an in-depth tutorial on specialty coffee.

Dillanos barista training program
Seed-to-cup education through unique training DVD and hands-on workshops.

Support for barista and latte art competitions
Advanced training techniques and competition guidelines are available to help baristas compete at a high level. (Dillanos is a sponsor of the Coffee Fest Latte Art Championships and the SCAA Northwest Regional Barista Competition)

Signature drink development
Assistance creating signature drinks is provided to build customer loyalty and profits.

Alternative brewing
Complete education and training on the latest brew method trends, including press pot, siphon, pour over, Chemex, and Trifecta brewer are available.