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Perla Negra - Costa Rica 12oz.

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This coffee is from the Las Lajas Estate in Costa Rica. It is a naturally processed coffee which means the seed is dried with the full fruit intact. This is very unusual for Costa Rica. The idea to do this came from a visit that the farmers, Oscar and Francisca, had to Dillanos. While at Dillanos, they cupped many coffees from around the world, and Oscar's favorite was a coffee from Ethiopia that was naturally processed--giving it a fruit flavor. He went back to his farm in Costa Rica and went about mastering this delicate process. Now, years later, his work has paid off in this beautiful tasting coffee.

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Flavor Profile
Intense fruit fragrance, cherry and raspberry flavor notes
Costa Rica, Las Lajas
Recommended Brewing Method
Drip, Espresso, French Press, Pour Over