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Meet Our Leadership Team and 10 Year Plus Employees

David J. Morris, Co-CEO
Since 1992

David J. Morris is the founder and CEO of Dillanos Coffee Roasters with decades of experience as an entrepreneur, specialty coffee professional, and recognized sales and marketing expert. He is a former BMX stunt rider and grew up admiring Evel Knievel for his pioneering spirit and no-fail attitude. David has lived this approach to life as a business owner and company visionary for Dillanos Coffee Roasters. He is the author of multiple trade industry business columns and is active in the Young Presidents Organization, loves time with his family, and is a huge movie aficionado. Follow David on Twitter: @coffeemaverick

Favorite Coffee: Double macchiato with one raw sugar, or cold brewed toddy with Rogue Blend.

Favorite Thing About Working At Dillanos: Always hearing about how nice our team is. It happens all the time and it's so gratifying.

Bucket List: Shoot hoops with Adam Sandler and have coffee with Robert Downey, Jr.

Chris Heyer, Co-CEO
Since 1994

Chris Heyer started his coffee career in 1991 while still in high school, working part time as a barista. As President and COO of Dillanos Coffee Roasters, he oversees operations and strategic planning for the company. His primary focus is establishing short and long term goals, ensuring financial strength and operating efficiency, and providing leadership to the company. Chris enjoys riding motorcycles and boating in the Salish Sea with his family.

Favorite Coffee: We have so many great coffees that it’s hard to choose one. I brew something different each week, but it’s always just one cup of perfectly brewed French Press in the morning.

Favorite Thing About Working At Dillanos: I love building the company, seeing it grow, and providing a great place to work for our employees. Figuring out and implementing a new process, system, program, or product is really rewarding; I love to see how changes can positively impact our customers’ or employees’ experiences. The people I work with every day are awesome! They are extremely talented, hard-working, and caring, but most of all, just really nice people who make coming to work fun.

Bucket List: Cruise from Tacoma, Washington to Alaska on my own boat.

Rand Hill, CFO
Since 2005

Beside his wife Susan, Rand has three loves in life: golf, scotch on the rocks, and coffee. Perhaps surprisingly, Rand’s approach to finance is one of focusing on the customer and making them successful, rather than of focusing on strict policies and procedures. His belief is if the customer is successful, then Dillanos will also be successful. Rand is young at heart, but the reality is that he has been drinking coffee since before most of the Dillanos team members were born.

Favorite Coffee: Special Dark, without a doubt. I love the rich, dark blend of Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Papua New Guinea coffee. The big change over the years has been the move away from making coffee in a can with a percolator to a rich, smooth, quality coffee brewed in a French Press.

Favorite Thing About Working At Dillanos: The family atmosphere and how we work together as a team.

Bucket List: I’ve been fortunate to do so many different things and travel to so many places as part of my career that the process at this point is not so much putting things into the bucket as taking things out of the bucket. Black diamond skiing is out of the bucket!

Phil Beattie, Director of Coffee
Since 2000

Phil Beattie is our fun-loving and easy-going Director of Coffee. While he approaches life with a good sense of humor, he takes coffee very seriously. His passion for coffee is infectious and his dedication to quality is unwavering. You can see Phil’s work reflected in our relationships with coffee producers and our memorable micro-lots. In his personal life, Phil is a loving husband and a dedicated father of two. He is also a snowboarder, gardener, home-brewer, volleyball player, and music enthusiast!

Favorite Coffee: My job is tasting coffee, so my favorites change often. In general, any great brew from coffee’s birthplace, Ethiopia, will tickle my fancy.

Favorite Thing About Working At Dillanos: Traveling the globe to forge relationships and discover rare coffees is my favorite aspect of the job.

Bucket List: After crossing “Climb Mt. Rainier” (with fellow DCR veteran Mark Ireland) off my bucket list, next is going to Austin City Limits Music Festival.

Tim Lidstrom, Operations Manager
Since 2015

With almost ten years of experience in operations and logistics for various companies, becoming a part of the Dillanos family and acclimating to the work-life balance has been a breath of fresh air for Tim! He’s thrilled to learn that “Work hard, play hard” definitely applies to Dillanos life. In any time away from work, Tim loves being with his wife and three kids. Whether heading to the ballpark together, or just hanging out around the house, family is what keeps him going!

Favorite Coffee: While I love sampling the various single origin coffees we offer, nothing beats the consistent smooth flavor of our Dillons Blend in the morning and an iced white chocolate Americano later in the day.

Favorite Thing About Working At Dillanos: It’s hard to pick just one favorite thing about working here but I’d have to say I love the company’s commitment to continuous improvement. This isn’t always fun, or easy, but this is something that definitely sets Dillanos apart.

Bucket List: Buy an RV and enjoy a few camping vacations before the kids grow up.


Bjorn Dhaese, Roast Master
Since 1999

Bjorn Dhaese is one of our resident coffee experts, and virtual movie and music information database. As Assistant Green Buyer and Quality Control Supervisor, Bjorn employs his wealth of experience to ensure smooth operations in our sampling and quality control lab. Bjorn is an expert roaster and cupper, and conducts all quality control exercises and tests. Outside of work, Bjorn enjoys spending time with his wife, Kristen, and son, Ryker, as well as following movies, comic books, and music. This teddy bear Norwegian has a sparkling smile, a super friendly demeanor, and is always happy to share his knowledge.

Favorite Coffee: My current favorite is the Colombian DCR Monserrate. It has a great honey, caramel sweetness, and layered bold flavor, with lingering smooth silky body that has me getting up for another cup sooner than I'd planned.

Favorite Thing About Working At Dillanos: Seeing the spark of excitement in someone’s eyes when they taste a great coffee and realize there is so much more to coffee than Juan Valdez and grocery store tins.

Bucket List: I look forward to someday attending the San Diego Comicon.


Carissa Hermsmeyer, Business Development Manager
Since 2001

Carissa has worked in the specialty coffee industry since 1996, starting as a barista and working her way up through Dillanos. Currently, Carissa and her team are responsible for partnering with DCR customers to maximize their profits. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her husband and kids, traveling, gardening, home improvement, camping, and pretty much any and all outdoor activities.

Favorite Coffee: This is a hard question for me, as I enjoy ALL of our coffees. I have to start my morning with drip coffee at home-currently Moka Java! In the summer, I enjoy making toddy for iced coffee using Rogue Blend. After having coffee at home, I come into the office and drink the single origin of the week that is brewed in the lobby. I love the Costa Rica Las Lajas since I have visited the Chacon family farm and feel a special connection to the coffee they produce.

Favorite Thing About Working At Dillanos: Dillanos has grown my love for coffee and for all the people I work with. My colleagues have become my second family, and I share many achievements, rewards, fun times, and memories with them. I cannot imagine doing life without my Dillanos family!

Bucket List: I would love to go on a mission trip with my kids when they get old enough.


Paul Balmer, Senior Graphic Designer
Since 2002

Paul is a senior designer here at Dillanos Coffee Roasters, creating as if his clients’ lives depend on it. He is the proud papa of Savannah May and owner of twenty-two instruments. He plays three.

Favorite Coffee: Monserrate!

Favorite Thing About Working At Dillanos: The awesome people.

Bucket List: Live by the (tropical-ish) sea.


Michelle Stanley, Sales Administrator
Since 2002

Michelle Stanley was born and raised in Washington, so of course she likes to camp and hike, but she also enjoys antiquing and road trips, and has a love for old world architecture. She is the mother of 2 amazing boys who constantly keep her entertained. She is very independent and loves to be challenged and learn new things-for example, to change her own oil, build a deck, or work with power tools. When Michelle started at Dillanos, she was working as the accounts receivable specialist, a position she held for three years, before transitioning into the role of customer service manager. Most recently, Michelle has taken on a new role as sales administrator which allows her to blend her experience as customer service manager with her natural ability for creating structure and procedures.

Favorite Coffee: I love my triple tall vanilla lattes, but a cup of Rogue Blend is a must have during my morning routine.

Favorite Thing About Working At Dillanos: My favorite company quote is, “If you are resourceful enough, you can find a way.” Second only to the people I work with, my favorite part of working at Dillanos is the way everyone challenges and empowers one another to get the job done. The perfect blend of accountability and fun make this a rewarding place to work.

Bucket List: Work on a crab fishing boat-Deadliest Catch style!

Jennifer Rudolph, National Sales Consultant
Since 2003

Jennifer is one of our national sales consultants. She loves working with customers who are in the beginning stages of business, and helping them realize their dream!

Favorite Coffee: I love anything from our DCR Line.

Favorite Thing About Working At Dillanos: The sense of camaraderie and getting to taste amazing coffees every day!

Bucket List: Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef.

Dave Rand, Sales Manager
Since 2011

Dave Rand is a proud husband and father of two wild young boys, Rocco and Asher. He loves golf, fishing, watching football, and spending time with his family. With a BA in Sales and Marketing from Seattle Pacific University, sales has always been in his blood. Dave joined the Dillanos team following a successful career at Nordstrom. He has enjoyed diving into the specialty coffee world.

Favorite Coffee:  Anything DCR!

Favorite Thing About Working At Dillanos: Genuine excitement to come to work every day.

Bucket List: Travel to Italy with my wife.

Enrique Goldstrom, Delivery Driver
Since 2005

Enrique came to us at Dillanos a career in retail solely because he loved the atmosphere and the people he met from the start! He started as a shipping manager and currently is a delivery driver who works with a purpose; make every customer and employee fall in love with Dillanos just as he did! Enrique feels blessed to be a dad and have his son Graysen and bride-to-be Tara by his side. The three of them enjoy time together in any way they can find and love family traditions. Enrique's other passions include all things football, and coaching youth sports year round. Enrique prides himself on loving people as a way of life.

Favorite Coffee: David’s favorite—a double macchiato with raw sugar—is the best. I had to steal it!

Favorite Thing About Working At Dillanos: It's family. There is a genuine love and care for each other that I dare anyone to find in a workplace elsewhere.

Bucket List: Take my son to D.C. to see the Redskins play, or see Argentina play live in the World Cup.

Chris Pugh, Product Warehouse Supervisor
Since 2005

Chris Pugh has been Supervising Dillanos Product Warehouse for almost 11 of his 21 years of warehousing. Chris and his team are responsible for selecting, double checking, and loading product and coffee orders for the Delivery team. He enjoys spending as much time with his wife and three kids as possible. He loves the Seattle Mariners, fishing in Alaska, and bowling in his spare time.

Favorite Coffee:I like Moka Java drip on the weekend at home, but during the work week, I lean towards a classic Dillons Blend Americano with 1 raw sugar, and a drop of cream.

Favorite Thing About Working At Dillanos: Absolutely love the family atmosphere. The love that everyone shares for Dillanos, our customers, and each other is incredible.

Bucket List: Walk the American Discovery Trail - 6800 miles across 15 states, from California to Delaware.