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  • Blends


    Blending is the art of achieving balance and consistency between differing components and characteristics. Coffee varieties from around the world have their own signature flavor components which can be combined to craft a desired flavor profile. Each blend we produce has its own unique character, designed with great care and a purpose in mind.
  • Decaf


    The goal in creating a decaf coffee is to maintain high quality. To address every decaf drinker, we have created a range of offerings that provides a wide spectrum of flavor profiles and choices in the process of decaffeination. Our decaf coffees are carefully selected, blended, and roasted to create a product that does not taste like compromise.
  • Dillanos Limited

    Dillanos Limited

    Our most exceptional, meticulously sourced coffees. The exclusive Dillanos Limited represents the pinnacle of quality; each coffee specially crafted to the highest standards. Limited release micro-lots, meticulously engineered blends, and single origins are offered in harmony with the harvest season. Due to Dillanos Limited's exclusive quality, each coffee is meant to be ground immediately before brewing. Because of this, Dillanos Limited coffees are offered in whole bean only.
  • Indi-Cups®


    Handcrafted, top-notch coffee for your single cup brewer. Our unique top valve and filter in each Indi-Cup produces fresh, great tasting specialty coffee every time. Indi-Cups are now available in three varieties: Dillons Blend, Metro French Roast, and Mach Ninni Decaf. NOW 2.0 COMPATIBLE!!
  • Micro-Lots


    Micro-lots are uniquely crafted coffees that are separated from the rest of the harvest because of their stand-out quality. These exceptional coffees garner extremely high ratings and boast rare qualities such as superior structure, or unusual specific taste qualities. We are always looking for these coffees and continuing our close attention to detail and quality throughout the roasting process to deliver a truly unique coffee experience.
  • One Harvest

    One Harvest

    The One Harvest Project was designed to facilitate a transparent, sustainable, and profitable supply chain, benefitting everyone from the farmer to the retailer. We begin by traveling the globe to find the finest coffees, and committing to the well-being of our importing and exporting partners by offering unique education opportunities, health benefits, and environment projects. We believe the key to stability in this volatile coffee market is long-term relationships with growers. Knowing that we will be there next year, ready to pay a fair price for their phenomenal coffee, gives them the peace of mind to move forward with confidence and quality.
  • Organic


    We guarantee that these coffees were cultivated without the use of chemicals and pesticides. Each of our organic single origin coffees and organic blends are selected with meticulous care, ensuring they meet strict regulations, then carefully roasted to bring out each exceptional flavor and unique characteristic.
  • Single Origin

    Single Origin

    Every aspect of the environment in which coffee is grown effects the flavor and each coffee growing region and country has its own unique characteristics. We have traveled the globe seeking out and hand picking single origin coffees. We have chosen coffees that display what we feel is the best example of each origin.

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