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Sourcing and Production


Sourcing coffees of authentic quality requires tireless dedication and strong international ties. These values are the foundation that Dillanos green coffee sourcing is built on.

While sourcing coffees from East Africa, Central and South America, and the South Pacific, Dillanos Coffee Roasters has established strong relationships with our partners at origin to ensure the consistency of our supply chain.

Our cupping team spends countless hours tasting potential coffees verifying the quality and profile to ensure that each cup meets our rigorous standards.


One HarvestThe One Harvest Project is the Pinnacle of our green sourcing efforts.  Each One Harvest relationship grows from a sincere desire to work with passionate, committed coffee farmers.

We start by searching the globe for the world's most exceptional coffees, and then visiting the cooperatives and estates of the people who grow them.  While sitting at the farmers' dining room tables and playing with their children, we learn about their coffees from every angle, from the plant varietals to harvesting the processing.

The project is designed to create a sustainable and profitable supply chain that benefits everyone from the producer all the way to the retailer.  We pay well above market price for all our One Harvest coffees using a verifiable, transparent process.  We celebrate the farms and people who grow our coffees by sharing their stories with our customers.

Our support helps producers address many of their long-term challenges.  We provide two years of full medical and dental insurance to 150 farming families in Guatemala's Rio Azul Cooperative through the One Harvest Project.  In addition, we teamed with origin partners at the Kanyovu Cooperative in Tanzania to improve their growing practices and quality control over a four-year period.  Originally a commodity-grade coffee, the cooperative's coffee won the East African 2010 Taste of Harvest competition, and now commands one of the highest prices of any Tanzanian coffee.


Roasting Great CoffeeRoasting is a craft that requires skill, passion and a deep understanding of how the smallest time and temperature adjustments can affect the development of the coffee.

Led by Director of Coffee Phil Beattie, our skilled roasters carefully handcraft each and every batch, using all of their senses to encourage a roast's visual, aromatic, and flavor development.

We supplement our roasters' skills with state-of-the-art roasting equipment, including a pair of highly calibrated drum roasters. We put all our coffees through extensive testing during the roasting process, recording every detail and measuring every variable so we can roast our coffees with accuracy and precision. This includes analyzing the moisture content and determining a coffee's precise degree of roast, two critical variables in roasting consistency. This marriage of age-old roasting techniques with modern equipment helps us bring out the best in every coffee we buy.


Roasting Great CoffeeDirector of Coffee Phil Beattie is responsible for Dillanos' award-winning coffee selection, but he's also established a reputation as a leading voice in the roasting community.

Within Dillanos, the veteran roaster was the initiator of the One Harvest Project, recognizing early on that roasters and growers would both benefit from engaging in long-lasting, direct partnerships. Outside Dillanos, he's the 2011 vice chair of the SCAA Roasters Guild Executive Council, the country's preeminent roasting body.

In both capacities, Phil is helping reinterpret the role of the roast-master in the specialty coffee industry. Phil believes the modern roaster is part artisan, part world traveler, and part information ambassador. Rather than zealously guarding trade secrets, Phil actively seeks opportunities to share his passion and knowledge with others. Phil acts as a roasting emissary in all his coffee pursuits: as a guide on origin trips, as a judge for the prestigious International Cup of Excellence competition, as the cupping workshop leader for Coffee Fest trade shows, and as a well-received contributor to several trade magazines.